Monday, February 14, 2011

Love And Marriage

Love And Marriage

Today is Valentine's day and it's possibly one of the worse days to be in America. It's not like we didn't just have a capitalistic heavy holiday in Christmas just a little over than a month ago. No, that's not enough to quench the blood thirsty hunger of capitalism.

But it's often that we forget the roots of St. Valentine's Day. It is the day that Saint Valentine, who was persecuted and subsequently martyred for marrying Christians even though they were told it was politically and socially forbidden to do so.

So it's a bit silly to trivialize it by trying to propose to someone at a sporting event...

It's also a bit of a slap in the face that we celebrate this one man's defiance to the system while the vast majority of Americans still hold on to the idea that gays getting married is morally wrong. Just a reminder that control over which groups may and may not marry has been a toll of oppression for millennium

Not to mention that today is generally the peak of chocolate sales. Hey, wait to go in your exploitation of minorities who farm cocoa beans or mine diamonds today! For yet another christian poached holiday. Why yes, the pagans were here first on this one.

Lupercalia was a pagan health and fertility festival held from February 13-15. On the 15th, a goat would be slaughtered and everyone would have a big feast. The Church started Saint Valentine's day to co-opt a pagan festival... yet again.

You might know this song and dance when they co-opted Halloween and you may also recall early Christians trying to be relevant and co-opting Christmas. It's so bad that no one even knows which Saint Valentine the day actually refers to. So in all likelihood, the dude never existed.

Around the 1970's, with Lupercalia safely marginalized and Paganism all but extinct, the Pope deleted Saint Valentine's Day from the calendar allowing greeting card companies and florists to continue to carry the torch.

In short, fuck the stupid holiday.

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