Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tomorrow When The War Began - China's People's Army

Tomorrow When The War Began - China's People's Army

We all know it's only a matter of time before China takes over the world. I mean, they already own us. We just haven't given them the deed yet. And so on this Chinese New Year, the year of the rabbit no less, we should just give it up to the Chinese.

Especially because if we don't, we'll have to face an army that's getting some pretty advance weaponry. Behold the Powerful Dragon.

And you wondered why we keep plastering so much money to government spending in the form of weapons. I mean, not like they need it or anything. Especially given the whole fact that we're so indebted to them.

But this is the perfect weapon for the Chinese. On one hand it ends US Air Dominance in Asia as well as the world. On the same time it will start an arms race the US cannot afford. Remember what happened to the U.S.S.R during the space race? Yeah.. we're going to spend our money on weapons till we have no money left.

Still, the US will be dumb enough to go for it and bankrupt itself. Yay China! So perhaps you better start getting used to celebrating New Years in February

Just check out that exhaust. They already tested it out. All the CCP big wigs were flown in to show off that massive Chinese hard on. And for good reason. It's way beyond the SU-35, and it is more of a competitor to the PAK-50, Russia's F-22. So it should be able to handle our F-22's with ease when it comes to a dog fight.

More to the point, the Chinese can afford hundreds more than the US can of F-22's and their in is the end of US Air Dominance. Still, maybe due to the inevitable US knee-jerk reaction to the Grover will be able to afford matching windows in his house.

Though, I guess you can say on one hand that air dominance is retarded. These super fighters have yet to be actually used in a conflict because all the wars the US does are against brown people in Mig-21's.

That and the drones have pretty much rendered manned aircraft obsolete. Why waste man power flying a plane when you can just have him eating cheeto's in some command center with a joy stick shooting the enemy in safety.

Then again, can a drone do this??

The biggest irony of that movie is that F-14's were already outdated when it came out and were heavy and clumsy as air to air fighters. Not to mention that those cockpits are designed to be easily broken through from the inside because the designers were smart enough to realize that someone might eject through it.

The other ironic thing is despite the western propaganda of the soviet "human wave" tactic and their devaluing of their men, soviet ejection technology was far more advanced than the Americans. You could eject with your plane upside down near the ground and still survive.

Also, I don't even think that the F-14 was even supposed to be a real fighter jet, it just had that one really long range missile for shooting down bombers.

I really wouldn't be surprised if Lockheed-Martian sold that tech to make that jet.

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Crew Chief USAF Boeing employee said...

F-22 doesn't have to dogfight its designed to engaged multiple targets from miles away. First shot first kill. Also, the only real information we have about this Chinese fighter are the pictures its actual performance could be only as good as a F16. US air dominance is far from over. Also, drones have the potential to be better fighters because without a human pilot on board the aircraft could be lighter faster and capable of pulling more g's.