Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act of Valor

Act of Valor

I'm pretty sure that I'll get a wave of "Why do you hate America" responses for this blog post, but then again it is a day that ends in Y, so what else is new with that? Have you've seen this trailer being pumped out on your television, typically during sports or other manly shows;

Holy shit, if you didn't just throw up I have to wonder why we're friends. It looks so bad and generically American that I can't grasp the concept other than some hollywood executive decided that a movie comprised entirely of Modern Warfare cut scenes would do gangbusters in the box office.

But at this point they should just release god damn Red Dawn 2 if they wanted a film that circle jerks America so god damn much. And why did they hold it back? Well, take a look at the pictures from the set;

I kind of want one of those posters, to be honest. I wouldn't mind our new overlords coming in and collecting on how much we owe them. Then again, I do need to get some Rosetta stone lessons in before they do come in.

It was a film about China invading the U.S. but people got mad so they changed it to North Korea coming in. Which doesn't make as much sense as China. But hey, gotta keep our money train going by not upsetting them.

They did make the change in post to making it North Korea, so it's not like they need to reshoot anything or, like, recast Korean actors in place of the original Chinese ones, because as we all know, Hollywood doesn't know or even care that there's a difference in how one looks over the other.

In fact, it seems like Hollywood and America don't care about much in terms of respect. Take a look at this following item that you can wear on your torso now.

Yeah.. I'm not sure what the fuck to say anymore about it. When is the fucking last time someone said "my ninja"? Well, someone saying it unironically, of course. It's been at least 5 fuckin' years. Haven't the juggalos pretty much embraced that and thus why no one else should be saying anything like it?

Either way, fuck that. ugh. Fuck all of this.

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