Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pizza Huttin'

Pizza Huttin'

I'm not sure how I can describe this next bit of oddity.. other than that it's just really strange that anyone would think this was a viable ad campaign. But sure enough, for only $10,010 dollars, you can propose to your girlfriend and get a $10 pizza in the process..

I just don't know what to say about this. Well, I do. But do I really want to? I guess you may be confused by the idea that there would be a videographer there.. But it's more than likely to record the proposal. You know, for when they inevitable make a commercial about it afterward showing how couples bond over Pizza Hut.

And maybe it's just me, but a $10 pizza really doesn't seem like a great bargain when you're stuck with this whole wedding proposal in the bag. I guess it doesn't get any classier than that. I'm sure all you lady readers out there are wondering why your man hasn't done this for you just yet.

You know, some nice flowers, some sweet fireworks show, free pizza, free ring to eventually pawn off and video proof of how stupid this moron is with all the people at Pizza Hutt mocking him on his #1 video on youtube. Which you will be apart of.

Just think of that sweet sweet youtube money!

Though, you now, in Pizza Hut's credit, at least they are using a ruby instead of a diamond. It's really helpful considering the amount of hands those slave laborers are losing daily due to the piss poor work conditions.

Or maybe they just made it a ruby so that it could sort of act as imaging for the pepperoni or pizza sauce theme of this whole thing and not because diamonds are completely evil in every stretch of the imagination. Horrible things they are and the cause of the death of thousands.

Then again, rubies are also evil rocks made from the death of thousands. So you only need to look into the Burmese example to see why. Then again, what commodity is this whole "it's evil, let's not touch it" can we say this for. Let's face it, death and pain come to everyone for every bite of enjoyment you take.

So.. I guess you know what to do - BRING DOWN CAPITALISM!

No wait.. that's just silly and sarcastic..

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