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I know I constantly am proclaiming that Peta sucks and what not, but this time I really mean fuck them hard in their asses. Just take a look at their latest ad campaign to turn people vegan

Why hey, thanks Peta. I see what you're getting at. Animals deserve dignity and respect, exploit women instead. We should take away from all this that violence against animals is no laughing matter, but violence against women on the other hand....

She looks... really really sad in that video. But I guess that's to be expected to have that level of sadness as being a natural response to being raped by one's boyfriend/anyone at all. I mean, what the fuck Peta.

And while we're here, since when is "knocked the bottom out of me" a euphemism for good sex? Hell, I have never even heard that phrase before in my life. Did they just take some other euphemism and make a euphemism for that euphemism?

Not to mention the cool copy work done as well. "Bring it like a tantric porn star," I mean, what the fuck? No one should be surprised given their attitudes towards women that they think male porn stars are a model of sexual prowess for some reason. But hey, apparently that's the name of the website they have going for this project. bwvaktboom

It's as if Peta read the Sexual Politics of Meat and decided the point to take home was that patriarchy is cool as long as you're not eating meat, which.... isn't the point at all. But hey, it's a dive bar as options... or maybe I'll be walking into a hipster joint. Either way, I'm getting drunk after writing this story.

Because, really. Standard condoms are no match for your vegan boyfriend's high-caliber finishing moves! Who the fuck wrote this shit?

I mean, if there's one thing you can feel like this taught you anything, it's that you don't need to be Vegan to do it better, as the Peta folks have told you and I'm sure you now doubt your abilities. They also have no basis against being completely racist to each other or anything.

What about that diabetic Peta head. You know, the one that is using insulin taken from pigs to stay alive. I believe that she was confronted on the whole issue and her response was simply "the animals needed me to live until recombinant insulin was available" Yeah.. I can't even think about coming close to such a perfect response than that.

It's really gotten to the point that the Onion parody once again just becomes a bit of reality..

Sadly, when the world is farce, the comedians become its prophets. It should also be noted that Peta kills a shit ton of animals yearly in their god forsaken shit hole shelters under the idea that they're better that way to be put out of the misery..

They used to drive down from their main shelters to isolated rural poor black towns where nobody would bother looking to dump their kills in dumpsters until they got caught a couple of years back.
Roberts said he became involved in the case on May 19, 2005 after being dispatched to an area behind the Piggly Wiggly Supermarket in Ahoskie's New Market Shopping Center. There he was met by Kevin Wrenn of D&E Properties, a local firm that handles the maintenance of the shopping center. During his early morning rounds disposing of trash, Wrenn had discovered what appeared to be some sort of animal in a trash bag that was tossed in the dumpster behind Piggly Wiggly.

"I immediately noticed a strong odor coming from the dumpster," Roberts said.

Probing inside the dumpster, Roberts discovered 20, heavy duty trash bags. He eventually discovered a total of 21 dead dogs inside those bags.

After using the Town of Ahoskie's help to bury the dogs at the town's old landfill, Roberts told Asbell he launched an investigation of how the dead dogs wound-up in an Ahoskie dumpster. He said he checked with the local animal hospitals and animal shelters to inquire of how they discarded of dead animals.

Two weeks later (June 2, 2005) dead animals – 17 dogs and three cats – were discovered within 20 bags in the same dumpster. Photographing the dead animals, Roberts took those photographs to Bertie County Animal Control Officer Barry Anderson from whom Roberts had learned was working with PETA through an agreement to come to the Bertie shelter to collect unwanted, unclaimed animals. Anderson told Roberts he could not positively identify the animals by the photos.

Another report of dead animals found in the same dumpster came in on June 9. Eighteen bags containing 20 dead dogs were discovered.

On this particular occasion, Roberts said he contacted Anderson who drove to Ahoskie and, prior to burial, identified the animals as coming from the Bertie shelter.

From that point, Roberts said he became suspicious of PETA's possible involvement in the case.

Through conversations with Anderson, Roberts understood that PETA workers came to the Bertie shelter every Wednesday to pick-up animals. Each of the dumpster discoveries to that point were always on Thursday mornings.

So yeah.. FUCK PETA.

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