Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping A Day

Leaping A Day

So you're probably wondering why we have an extra day in the month today. Instead of typing it all out and confusing you, I'm just going to let this video confuse you.

I'm pretty sure that you're even more confused now than you were before. What's even more confusing is the whole lure around this one magical day every four years in how women can and should act...

Historically though, leap day, February 29th was a day that the partriachy got a day off. For it is Sadie Hawkins day. A day when women can do crazy things, such as asking guys out, without social pressures getting in the way of things.

It's the one day every four years when ladies are allowed to play the prsuer in romantic relationships and ask the men out on a date. In fact, it also extends to marriage proposals. Women can ask a men to marry them on this day and if they refuse, they need to get her a gift of some kind. Why this isn't being exploited by more, I do not know.

It's been celebrated since the 1700's and wasn't always celebrated on the 29th. Mainly because women probably wanted to ask men out more than once every four years. And now, since it's an every day thing for women to ask men out, it has turned into more of a day for women to get down and propose to those commitment fearing boyfriends of theirs.

Which I guess is pretty entertaining. If not a bit amusing in itself. So hey, on this day smash the patriarchy and go out and ask some guy out.. or even more, to marry you.

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