Monday, February 27, 2012

Just The Tip

Just The Tip

So this has been making its rounds on the internet and well, it should make you pretty appalled.

Can anyone pull some CSI crazy trick and remove those black marks? I mean, I've tried putting my head extremely close to the monitor in an attempt to figure it out.. only to find out that they ate at this chain.. Or maybe it's this place True Food Kitchen

But hey, now that you got that info, it's time to like, go beat that gentleman to death with some type of club. Then again, what am I really going to do? I guess I could order a shit ton of pizzas to his house.

But if I do that, then it's just going to fuck over the Pizza driver. Dead pizzas like that come out of paychecks sometimes. So perhaps I should just firebomb him. And instead of pizzas to him, I'll just order a pizza for myself and cry whilst eating it.

So it'll be a normal night in at home for me.

If I really wanted to find the motherfucker, I'd just go to the Newport beach area and ask Breanna, his server who got the shitty tip, what the homeboy's info is and then make him eat a hand grenade or something...

The real insult to injury is the "Get a real job" comment. That's just so fucked. How about if he gets the only real job... you know, being a revolutionary. He should take that tip and shoot the bougie scum and surf off into the sunset.

And to be clear, the only jobs are revolution and posting on the internet. Two things I do and do well. Sadly, they are both mutually exclusive. So if you'll excuse me, I need to go post the 10,000 pictures of kittens looking confused.

What kind of real job is the dude expecting people to get? Perhaps the real job that doesn't involve knowing how to round up. Besides that, what kind of server doesn't charge gratuity on the bill itself when it reaches $133. I mean, it should be common sense to plaster it on the price tag at that point.

I also shouldn't look at the Men's Rights Advocacy Forum because it'll just get me really mad to see postings pointing out that she did a lousy job waiting that customer and thus she's just some entitled bitch.

And with that, I'll just go drink to numb the pain of this shitty world, but here - enjoy this picture..

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wsmith1213 said...

This is a hoax. google it. I'm still appalled though. If you look at the unphotoshopped reciept, the guy left this little bitch almost a 20% tip on lunch. She repays the poor guy by slandering him in front of millions of people. She should be forced to pay for a full page add in the NYT apologizing to the guy. Up your breanna!