Friday, February 3, 2012

Save Ferri.... You Know What, Forget Him

Save Ferri.... You Know What, Forget Him

A couple of days ago this little preview/teaser came out highlighting that after two decades, it seems like a certain genius slacker needed another day off..

Which led a couple of people to believe that they were going to make a sequel. Those people are fucking morons and everyone should have always assumed that it was going to be nothing more than an ad for the super bowl - Which is what it turns out to be.. and here it is;

So you go from a 1961 Ferrari GT to a Honda CR-V... I don't know about you, but I think the inner child in me that looked up to Ferris as a role model and person to be like just committed suicide.

Check me out ladies, I'm in my Honda CRV... oh, wait. Then again, it's probably better for Matthew to brag about this terrible ride than his other terrible ride. Which brings up a good question, why have a shitty looking car when you have a perfectly good horse instead?

Just goes to show you that they'll bring back anything from your youth and try to market it to you in that attempt to get the almighty dollar dollar. I do wonder what the backlash to all of this will be. Because you know there has to be some backlash to it.

How about starting with the fact that they created a teaser for it and then a few days later released the advertisement. I mean, why didn't they just wait for the Superbowl to show the entire thing. It would be a lot more surprising, not to mention that now people have plenty of time to talk about it and slam the shit out of it before the superbowl.

The nice thing in keeping it till the superbowl would be you wouldn't be the center of attention in the negative buzz way. Though, I guess I could be the odd man out in all this and the masses find it amusing. Which is probably why Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. Realizing that the world around him was not the same one he remembered.. or for that matter not the same one he wanted to be apart. When they can take something that was once innocent and pure and totally distort it into something else. Fuck no, thank you kindly.

So I say with a sad face that this advertisement just makes me sad. Makes the future bleak. Because if someone like Ferris has his this to look forward to in his later years, then what hope do we have?

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