Thursday, February 9, 2012

Technology Is A Beautiful And Scary Thing

Technology Is A Beautiful And Scary Thing

Sometimes I wonder if man hasn't stepped over that line and messed in the realm in which they should not have messed with. Then I see videos like this and it confirms my suspicion.

Though I have to admit, that is a pretty cool machine. I'm sure I can have hours of fun with it. And hey, when it's bored or I get bored it turns itself off.

Then we get into the things that.. well, would rather kill themselves than to be with you. It's the suicidal toy.

Not for the kid that has self image issues. You know, giving them something that when expected to play with them will rather blow itself up.. that's just, you know.. rather sad. Or maybe it just wants to complete its purpose in life?

But then we get into the monstrosities that prove that we should not be tampering with forces we do not know about. I bring you the most horrifying toy you could possibly ever make for yourself..

That will replace a lot of things in my nightmares, I'll tell you what. Jesus Christ.

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