Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day is Pretty Racist

V-Day is Pretty Racist

When you stop to think of it, Valentine's day is pretty sexist. Men are expected to buy all this shit like flowers, candy, cards and other what not and women are expected, in exchange for these goods, to provide a service that is of sexual nature.

Anyhow. I figured I would avoid a bitter blog for the holiday this year because really, fuck it. I'm going to go get a drink. Maybe/hopefully shoot some pool or something and just chill the fuck out and avoid the V-day madness. If anything, I'm taking it back for me. But what would this collection of odd be without the oddities. And so here's some really fucked up Valentines day cards.

Nothing says love like having it forced..

We call this.. forced entry and rape.

Wow. Frigid bitch? Get back in the kitchen and cook a pot roast, woman!

I don't.. even want to know.

Nothing says lovin' like hunting your significant other. I guess man is the most dangerous game..

Teaching kids to bind their loved ones early.

Holy fuck. I mean, seriously?

Aw, look. It's a card for hipsters.

You know, the hipsters that are totally racist in every possible way.

Yeah. No words.

This last one is pretty clearly the one that I was referring to in the title. But hey, enjoy...


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