Thursday, February 16, 2012

Death From Above

Death From Above

By now you know that your death will eventually come from above. Here's a little preview of it in its early stages;

I have to say that in terms of ways to go out, this one actually looks pretty cool. I mean, yeah. It's death being certain. Most of all from above in the form of robotic little droids that do the masters bidding. But then what are you going to do? There's money in this sort of shit. Especially when there's the potential for military contracts.

Which does make one wonder how long until the Army uses this as a specialized weapon. Oh, who am I kidding. they already have it under the microscope..

But you don't need them glasses to know not to do any of these things. Mainly because you have common sense opposed to those who don't know how to use this.. they perhaps need some stern talking to.

Though all is forgiven once you see this following clip...
In fact...

Yuuuuuup. That's all folks. wrap it up. Though, I guess we could put it to good use and have it as a means of production.. right? That seems logical on every level, doesn't it? Just look at them in action;

But of course we'll just use them to bomb children in third world countries. If only these new generations of drone machines would be so cool if they weren't used by the powerful to do awful things all the time. I say we should re-purpose all DOD tools into art exhibitions.

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