Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Aftermath

Oscar Aftermath

You know, I didn't get a chance to actually write much about the Oscars. Mainly, I guess, because I didn't much care for them this year. Then again, what year do I actually give a shit about them?

For example, the worst documentary won the best documentary category. The winner: A documentary on an underdog football team who look to reverse their fortunes with coach Bill Courtney..

Opposed to the losers which were about;

What does it mean to lead men in war? What does it mean to come home? Hell and Back Again is a cinematically revolutionary film that asks and answers these questions with a power and intimacy no previous film about the conflict in Afghanistan has been able to achieve. It is a masterpiece in the cinema of war.

A rare behind-the-curtain look at the Earth Liberation Front, the radical environmental group that the FBI calls America's 'number one domestic terrorist threat.'

A further investigation into the arrest of three teenagers convicted of killing three young boys in Arkansas who spent nearly 20 years in prison before being released after new DNA evidence indicated they may be innocent.
Yeah, they went for the feel good version.

Aside from the fact that Billy Crystal looked like Kim Jung il's embalmed corpse on stage,

Though I guess we should get on to the bigger fish in the room. That blasted Best Picture category. I hadn't been following the Oscars at all this year, so I wasn't exactly sure how it happened, but I was surprised to see that The Help got nominated for anything. But I guess I can say that it's the same reason The Blind Side was nominated.

So what's the problem with The Help? It reaffirms the whole Mammies in Hollywood. Just look at this shit;
Yet The Help (film) is being lauded, when it contains Minny reciting stereotypical dialogue like this:
“Frying chicken make you tend to feel better about life.” and “Minny don’t burn no chicken.”
Jesus Christ! But with The Help losing, maybe now Hollywood will make less mammy and white person saves all minorities movies. Thank you, The Artist.

Glory praise and hallelujah, the Academy once again shows that they like masturbating to its own existence even more than telling itself it's not racist. I sort of knew that the Artist was going to sweep this sucker up. There wasn't any two ways about it.

The whole show just showcased that the majority of the movies it praised reinforced how Hollywood only peddles in shitty, petty escapism. But again, this should come as a surprise to no one.

It's always been a self-congratulatory million dollar pat on the back and chance for celebrities to be in the news paper the next day during a slow ad season. It'll also push more DVD sales as folks try to stay relevant with whatever is trending to keep up that water cooler talk. It's very rare that a film last the test of time.

Critics were raving about how Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was robbed that one year and the only thing I can remember about that movie was that there were some wire fu fights in some trees.

Then again, 98% of the Oscar voting panel are white old men. So I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that I don't agree with them very much. It's just a matter that it takes a damn long time to be inducted into the academy. And considering the current rates of minorities and women advancing in the industry, it's not likely to get any better... ever.

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