Sunday, April 1, 2012

An April Fools Are You

An April Fools Are You

So you're probably wondering why you're on the internet today. I know I am. How many websites are doing April fool's pranks that just make you roll your god damn eyes at how stupid they are? I think mine hit the back of my head twice.

Anyhow, let's ignore all those silly change of websites because, well, we have better things to do. Like think of ways of pulling a prank on each other. April fools are great. My friend was going to feign suicide for an April Fool's Prank, a feigned hanging had things gone according to plan, but the joke was on him because he was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs. Oh classic Doug. Rest in Peace.

Anyhow, since I'm an explosion of creativity, here's some random ideas you could probably pull of without looking like a complete tool....

Okay, I lied, you'll look like a tool regardless all because you're pulling an April fool's prank. but at least you'll potentially laugh at someone else expense.

  • Fake an announcement on Twitter about a patch for the ending of Mass Effect 3. Though make sure you say some random cost cause no one will believe that a patch to fix something broken will actually be free.
  • Write a text message saying "Hey, I found out what you've been saying about me behind my back and I'm not sure how I should react to it" and send it to everyone in your contact list. Everyone talks shit about everyone behind their backs, so someone is bound to fall for it.
  • You can take a screen shot of someone's computer, drop their task bar and replace the background with it. It's such a simple thing and yet it fucks with people every single time as they try and try to click on those damn icons.
  • Tape down the phone receiver so that when they pick it up, it'll still be ringing.
  • If it's chilly where you live, you should buy a container of cotton balls and put them in a bowl. Pour an inch of water in there so the cotton balls get soaked and then sneak them onto the friends car/house windows. They'll freeze on there and be very tough to remove in that state, but be easy to remove and essentially harmless once it warms up or if you pour warm water on them.
  • You could always open a Craigslist ad offering something strange and just put the victim's phone number as the contact list.
  • For those cars with the annoying decal with the stick figure family members on the rear windshield, just get a grease pencil and cross out one child and write a future date above it.
  • Simple solution - Red food dye in the boss's coffee. It'll turn their mouth red.
  • It's common knowledge that refrigerator door handles can be unscrewed and screwed on to the side with the hinges. Do this to your office refrigerator and watch everyone try to figure out how the fridge was cemented shut.
  • Simple prank in the office - reverse the mouse button functionality. Poor IT guy has to now fix everyone's shit.
  • You could always have fun in the office with Auto-correct in word by changing a persons name to 'unrepentant pedophile'. Hilarity ensures.
  • You can go the harmless route and just put a rubber band on the nozzle of a sink sprayer to spray the person who turns it on.
  • Comedy strange option - woo your girl, and when you get to the bedroom, tell her you want to do it from behind doggy style. Then get on the bed on all fours, and look at her in confusion when she does the same.
  • You can always just get a live trap, one trapped raccoon, add in a gift wrapped box holding said raccoon and then leave the aforementioned "gift" at the local school for the mentally challenged kids playground.. COMEDY!
  • Or you could just turn down the water heater so they get halfway through their nice warm shower..
Anyhow, at this moment I would like to just say that this will be my last blog post as I'm stopping at once...




Oh wait, you want me to stop? Hmmm, um. okay. damn.

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