Friday, April 27, 2012

Ze Avengers

Ze Avengers

May 4th is not that far out. Which seems pretty crazy that the release of the Avengers is really that close by. For a comic book milestone like this to happen is pretty out there and it's still surprising that DC hasn't gotten their shit together and done something like this already. You see, Marvel went through some really rocky finical hardship, and so they sold the movie rights to a vast majority of the characters to other studios - who in turn made really shitty movies, if at that, of them. But the rights to the characters were all over the place.

So to see this trailer and see the Avengers all in the same film after years of being solo..

Well, it's a comic book fan like mine's wet dream. And speaking of dreams.. Scarlett as Black Widow.. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cosplayers at Comic con come out with those skin tight cat suits and red hair, let me tell you that!

Oh yeah, and here's the rest of the cast or something..

Can I just say it, Captain America's mask sort of pisses me off. His whole costume is just meh compared to how much I liked it in his own movie.

The other day I was asked why they replaced the actor for Thor as we passed by a billboard.

Kinda confused me as he looks the same. Be it a little less as buff, but hey. Still bad ass. How bad ass? Well, I guess he's as bad ass to run through the tired cliche of most comic book crossovers where they have the heroes fight each other in some tussle that is all just a misunderstanding.

And I guess I'll just end this with a video of Black Widow.. because, I mean, my heart will go on and what not.

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