Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Towards the end of last month I showed you a picture of Obama burning the constitution. Because, you know, that's what Obama does. Look I know he's not a great president. Hell, if I could I would probably vote for another person but the republicans are so cartoonishly evil I don't even want to think of that option.

Anyhow, the painter did yet another wonderful image that I just feel compelled to share with you just in time for Easter. It is, after all, the reason for the season. He couldn't rise again if he didn't die. And while it may not have been a GOOD Friday for Jesus, it should be for you.

Let me know if you can spot the good guys in this image. But hey, maybe you can see that this one represents a modern christian leader whose image cannot be shown because of copyright restrictions.

I do have to question why Jesus seems to be clipping through the ground. And just look at Lenin, who is going all "ungh. yeah. YEAH!". Though you can't overlook Stalin and Napoleon - both of which are the frattiest of dictators. And is that Hitler giving a corresponding fist pump across the way as well? God damn, there's a lot of fist pumping going on in this image. We did it, bro. We did it..

I do have to wonder if I should know who the blue suede schmooze in the middle is. Don't worry, Jesus, young Tom Cruise will help you out. Just look at Darwin, he ain't looking too relaxed, now is he? Then again, why would he be? He's got politically correct preacher yammering away right behind him.

But hey, if you want the cheat code for this on who's who, then just click this little button right here... The window has a function that lets you get info on all the people in the painting.

The funny thing is in that window alone you can see another one of his paintings...

And the comedy continues. Holy shit! Just.. Holy shit. Just look at that one.. HA! And what do you know, there's a handy key to the character list as well. This guy's just got the pokemon theory of painting down. Throw everything you can in there and see which one wins it for Ash.

Then again, I'd definitely want to see a painting of Jesus walking through the pokemon stadium featuring all 151 original pokemon repenting from their violent ways. I will pay someone real cash money to reproduce this with those pokemon in their place.

The thing that cracks me up the most about all these is how everyone dresses in those paintings. It's as if someone just yelled out "Quick, everyone! Norman Rockwell's coming! Look plaid!" or "Every get your slacks pressed! Not you forgotten man, you get to wear denim flares!"

My favorite painting of these wasn't even his. It was one that took his original picture and just went with it full on. Just look at this thing of beauty...

Yeah.. no words can express how amazing that one is.

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