Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Shit, Sherlock

All Shit, Sherlock

So CBS decided that with HOUSE M.D off the air, that the market was ripe for another U.S. version of Sherlock needed to be on the air. Yeah, that's right. I said it. House M.D. is basically the American equal to a series of Sherlock because that's what it was.

You had House - Holmes. Wilson - Watson. Shit, the dude even lived on 221 Baker Street for a while. Not to mention how it ended the series with a fake death? It was Sherlock.

And while I loved that, I look at CBS' attempt to make a modern day Sherlock Holmes and I really want to puke. It's so bad. I mean, really really bad. It's god damn awful. I also have to wonder why even bother making this considering that the BBC has already made a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes that was 100 times better than Sherlock

Where do I even start? Watson - Historically speaking, Watson is the character perspective that we are often left viewing the story from in Sherlock Holmes novels. So who do we get in this CBS version? Lucy Lu.

FUUUUUuuuuuuUuuUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu K!

Should we start calling her Wuston? Either way, she does the acting job of a piece of drift wood. It's so bad. I don't even know if it's just her trying to get into the role, but you don't see what you need to see from Watson. And whatever attempt she does to keep Sherlock in line just seems so forced that it's not even funny.

Then you have Sherlock. To be honest, I didn't find the American Sherlock to be all that annoying. Well, just a bit. But Lucy as Watson was far more of a bad choice. If anything, Sherlock just feels like he's not even trying - which could be due to the fact that the writing for this show is terrible. Even for a pilot it just doesn't show much progression at all and is pretty one dimensional.

Let's be honest. Even this cartoon is far better than what CBS is cranking out

Now if you're looking for a real show about Sherlock. Look no further than Moffat's Sherlock Holmes that airs in England. You can find it on Netflix with an easy enough search. It's a British television show created by Steven Moffat, head writer of Dr. Who currently, and Mark Gatiss - who shows up in the show. It is a contemporary update of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes - which has to be one of the most British names possible. And also Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson. Who you will see this Christmas as Bilbo Baggins in the Peter Jackson film of The Hobbit.

It was originally commissioned as a 60-minute pilot, which was filmed but never broadcast. But now the seasons are broken up into three 90-minute episodes and so far has had 2 seasons. Over all, it's one hell of an amazing show and far better than CBS could ever dream of coming up with.

So really, if you have to see ONE Sherlock franchise, make it the BBC version and please stay away from the god awful and poorly written CBS version.

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