Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What am I Forgetting?

What am I Forgetting?

Wait, there's something I was suppose to remember today.. Hmmm, what was it? I just... don't know. I mean, fuck, if this was the President's reaction at the time...

Then why should I even give a fuck 11 years after? Hey. How about we just look at someone deeply effected by the incident that they wrote a song about it..

Some wonder why I'm so cold toward this day of remembering and it's stories like this that get me.

The border patrol murdered a man on the Mexican-side having a carne asada with his family, the agents who murdered him claim he was throwing rocks at their boat. Someone in Mexico recorded the man's family discovering him already dead, and the border patrol speeding off.

Are we really better off as a nation now than we were ten twelve years ago? We still go after everyone. Now we just use the excuse that we're fighting terrorist to invade their lands and to inflict our imperialistic nature on others.

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