Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It Was 11 Years Ago This Day...

It Was 11 Years Ago This Day...

It was 11 years ago this day....

Why yes, it was then that I just had further proof that my sense of humor was beyond sick and twisted. And now, after more than a decade and two wars against unrelated countries, we can take pride in knowing that we're way more terrorist than some guys who hijacked and crashed a few planes.

I'm pretty sure that in another 100 years or less, people are going to be celebrating this day with greetings to each other stating "Happy 9/11". I'm pretty sure that if Labor day wasn't just last weekend, we'd be getting this day off and it'll be turned into some sort of excuse to have a three day weekend, drink beer and praise America.

After all, now a days we have people exchange chocolate to celebrate the day Al Capone had a bunch of Irishmen executed. It's truly sickening.

See, maybe I'm just a bit jaded. I know I'm sick. But you can't forget and I mean this, that the Bush Administration had a really good idea that Bin Laden was going to attack, and probably with airplanes for more than a month before 9/11, and he did nothing about it.

Even better.. or worst, I guess, is that it seems that Bush had memos going back to May 1st, 2001 from the CIA detailing an impending attack on US soil. He gets such a pass in history for 9/11, but I want to do my part to make sure his legacy is even more of a smoking crater than it already is.

Just think, if people forget this day, all those commemorative 9/11 quarters with the fold out towers will stop increasing in value. We gotta protect capital. Even worse than those stupid quarters was the Anime music videos that came out of it...

It's been 11 years now. I'm actually impressed that quarters are the only things really selling and big retailers haven't started up 9/11 blowout sales. We're knockig down prices!

I just have to say... SHAME ON YOU, DISNEY! How dare you release a new Wreck-It Ralph trailer with some serious 9/11 undertones.

But hey, I mean, yeah Patriot day is a god damn awful name for today, I mean, they could have just called 9/11 "Tribute date." You do have to admit that May 1st is still the worst named date possible with it being named "Loyalty day" No cookie Monster! NOOOOOOOOOO

I guess the only thing left to say is Happy 9/11

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