Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Romney Bounce Back?

The Romney Bounce Back?

So if you're keeping track, Romney stuck his foot in his mouth a couple of days ago when a fundraiser video footage snippet was released to the world to see that he hates the 47% that doesn't pay taxes and won't get their vote no matter what, so why bother or something. How did he respond to this?

I got plenty of word that the video leaking was the end of Romney. I sort of doubted it, but then I saw the above clip of him giving a conference were he addressed the leaked footage. Just knowing that his team approved of this was.. all, very very confusing. I mean, it's awkwardness alone has a huge amount of creepiness.

I mean, even the Mccain campaign was more competent than Romney's gang and that was one of the worst campaigns ever. All it needs now is for Romney to suspend his campaign and fly back to Washington to deal with this crisis - the crisis being his own words.

Christ, if all a literal dump truck full of money buys you is advisers that go "go with the out of context/release the whole video thing" you know, your shit is fucked. Mr. Romney, how will you battle this image that you're so out of touch with the common man that you're in low geostationary orbit at this point?

"I am going to try to get my message of half the country is shiftless sacks of useless cellulite oxygen waste out in a clearer more rehearsed manner"

The funny thing about where those disgusting non producing parasite lives are all on this map... 

So not only is Romney bombing, but he's managing to do it in a really boring way. I really wish the Herman Cain Train had been nominated, Cause so far we're just getting this.... 

“...I think that no person hath a right to an interest or share in the disposing of the affairs of the kingdom, and in determining or choosing those that shall determine what laws we shall be ruled by here — no person hath a right to this, that hath not a permanent fixed interest in this kingdom...”

- mitt romney

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