Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Post 9-11 And Did We Win?

Post 9-11 And Did We Win?

9/11 was yesterday, did you forget?! With it comes a slew of Facebook postings that made me wish I didn't have Facebook. But needless to say that Facebook was littered with patriotism and somber postings. It's like a battle to see who amongst friends and family has not forgotten the hardest.

Take this gem for example.
9/11/01, probably the most confusing day of 5th grade. 11 years later, couldn't be more proud to be from a country who, in such a small amount of time, has accomplished so much. Goes to show that if you attack America, you're going to lose. Washington is full of political nonsense, the true heroes are doing the dirty work and risking their lives so that I can sit here and type this Facebook status freely. 'Murica!
Oh my. "dirty work"..... yeeeeeeeaaaaah. Thank you, soldiers, for killing illegally - killing those pagan heretics so that I may utilize social media. God bless this mess.

What it boils down to is that 9/11 is the day I have to pretend I care about 3,500 Manhattanites more than I care about the hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers killed in the name of fighting terrorism.

I confused since I really want to ask all those posting somber shit on the book how anyone can honestly think that given our current political culture and all the other horrible things that have happened since 9/11 that we won the "War on terror", then I remember that people who honestly buy into that American exceptionalism are pretty stupid anyway.

That's the thing that rubs me the wrong way about this day - the fact that people only give a fuck about those who died in New York. It's something I hate - HATE HATE the most about New Yorkers. The fact that they feel like they are the center of the world and everyone should bow down to their culture filled fucktards.

And mind you, my hate for this isn't the same as Glen Beck... cause let us never forget Glen Beck hating the victims families of 9/11

No, I'm not saying we should say fuck it to the victims of 9/11, I'm saying I'm tired of New Yorkers making it about them when there was 2 other locations that the attacks on September 11 effected.

Not to mention that 11 years ago today, all of the Eastern European actors that played villains in American action movies were out of a job. Now, the dark skinned Middle Easterners get all of their jobs as villains. Never forget.

Also, you should always remember Herman Cain's hilariously inappropriate 9/11 "tribute" consisting of him singing "God Bless America" over footage of the destruction?

"God bless... America..."

Why yes, 11 years later and the US is still dropping bombs on dirt. Fuck yeah! That will teach them towel heads! America likes to make glass the way our forefathers did, by using an unusual amount of explosive ordnance.

Then you happen to come across stuff like this

Why yes, "it's just totally unexplainable. there was no reason for it. certainly it wasn't a response to anything the united states ever did and there's no need to examine the causes of anything bad that ever happens." ugh

It's as if people throw out this whole notion anytime anything ever happens for any tragedy like this one and shit like the dark knight shooting. "It was just totally random" "there's no explanation" "he was just crazy" like it's some fucking force of nature, like a huge group of people planning and carrying out a complex attack in four different locations just happened out of the ether like a god damn tornado. And if you even suggest that someone look into the causes you get yelled at for being insensitive.

Certainly there wasn't any political position that the U.S. held that caused this slowly stirring pot to boil over. No no, it must have been that they were all jelly because of our freedoms. Yes, that must have been it....

Welp, till next year, when we discuss how it's more instances of shit being cray cray without explanation.

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