Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Romney Files

The Romney Files

I can't say I really expect Romney to be much competition to the shitty Obama campaign. I mean, let's be real, what would you rather have? To be kicked in the balls or to have those balls get completely cut off. Rock and a hard place type of situation.

In any case, it seems like Romney did what he's good at and stuffed his boot straight into his mouth again yesterday. This isn't anything new. It is, after all, who Romney is. Let's start off with the bad jokes..

What a piece of shit. I mean, really?

Then you have yourself the real foot inserted into mouth situation from yesterday where he tells people that 47% of people don't even pay taxes and will vote for Obama no matter what...

The audacity! People demanding food and housing?! How dare they!

"My job is not to worry about people who need food and housing, they should take personal responsibility for themselves" - A true leader of the free nation.

Thank god someone is prepared to speak on behalf of the rich. That sad thing is this video would only be controversial if this wasn't already the right wing dogma. The effect of this is probably going to be the same as the recording of Obama in 2008 where he made that "...the cling to their guns and religion..." comment, probably nothing, if anything will come of it, it would be a way to hoodwink a few Republicans that didn't think Romney was far enough to the right in the same way as a few leftists used Obama's comments to tell themselves that he's a secret leftist atheist. 

So hey, same shit, different day...

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