Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heed Obey Serve - Fringe's Finale Season

Heed Obey Serve - Fringe's Finale Season

It's only a few days away from the finale season of Fringe starting to air. It's amazing that we even got to this point, but here we are. With only 13 episodes to work with in wrapping up this story, it's pretty much a given that this will be some intense stuff. Just take a look at the previews;

They are coming... I'm really curious as to where they are going with this. From the last future episode, Olivia was just completely missing and none of the other characters seemed to care about what exactly happened to her. As if they already knew. The only mention of her was "what William Bell Did" to her and that was that.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Ultimate Walter - that is to say that the Walter with all his brain back. He's not troubled by fears of morality, and he casually sets of antimatter bombs to take out targets of opportunity while doing something else. Man is he going to be messing some shit up and I'm going to be right there cheering the whole thing on.

Go Waltimate!

Oh noes. Maybe I spoke too soon. You know he'll get out of that with little problem. All in all this, as been a public service announcement for Fringe. Prepare for your scan...

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