Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate

Talk Like A Pirate

I just want to inform all you folks going yar, aye matey and what not today that the stereotypical pirate talk is not based on any real historical dialect, but comes from the 1950's film version of Treasure Island. Yeah... you've pretty much been reliving some Disney created

That's not to say that the first pirates of the Caribbean wasn't pretty good film. It was. Oh how it was. But man those sequels didn't do its name any good. Anyhow, let's quickly talk about piracy.. and I don't mean the torrent kind.

In retrospect, I guess pirates were pretty cool. They got to elect their own captains and everyone got mostly a fair share of the booty. Officers and the captain would get 1.5-2.5 shares, but that was still the most equitable distribution anyone was getting at the time. They didn't even kill that many people. Mainly because folks didn't fight back much if you had a reputation for sparing everyone who surrendered.

Not to mention that they stole the fuck out of rich people's shit.  So hey, besides the whole being a bunch of rapists, they were pretty alright of a group. Besides, that whole raping of wenches thing was probably more of that typical royal navy propaganda anyway. It's just so hard to tell because a lot of the history about pirates comes from a book written by Daniel Dafoe under a pseudonym..

So hey, I guess you should do a lot less talking like a pirate from a Disney movie and do a lot more actions like a real pirate - steal from your neighbors!

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