Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cooking Under Economic Hardship Part 2

Cooking Under Economic Hardship Part 2

So here we are, still under a massive economic hardship in front of everything we deal with. How exactly are you suppose to survive in times like this? Well, through these helpful hints, of course.

First trip, you gotta find your local day-old bread store and just buy your day old bread rolls, breakfast muffins or whatever through there. They'll taste pretty good and still be pretty damn tasty.

In the event that you can't get all your nutrients, you can grab a big thing of generic vitamins to make up the slack. But you should not have to deal with them too much since you can affordable get your nutrients even if you're dirt poor.

If you're in need of some cheaper food, you can always buy Food Stamps. Then again, they seem to be on debit card now, but people that had them and wanted something far more would sell them for pennies on the dollar. Okay, more like 50 cents on the dollar, but you get what I'm saying. Dirt cheap! Get double your money's value in food and help someone escape the bitter pill of reality with... a pill.. or a pipe, at least.

You should buy bone in shank, neck and shoulder. Get some canola oil to brown, which is half as expensive as olive oil and just as healthy with a higher smoke point - so less risk of trans fats. Braise and stew that and once your meat starts browning all your meat, Maillard flavors, my friends. Generally, learn to leach every ounce of flavor from every bit of food you have. The french are very good at this because their land is shit for raising most kinds of meat and they can't grow spices that far north.

The fat will make you fuller than starch and often it's cheaper per pound. And with the very cheapest of cuts, even per calorie, but your average office drone can probably get by on 1,500-1,800 calories a day so fullness rather than energy density is probably a priority.

Organ meat is also amazingly cheaper than shoulder and neck. Tripe taquitos are the food of the gods, you best recognize! All you have to do is make giant batches of that stuff and freeze it up. YUM!

Then if you want something on the side, brown rise is about $1.90 a pound and bone in pork butt is about $1.90 a pound as well. This includes the skin which is a fantastic source of collagen. And you can get that down even further sometimes.

Potatoes have at least a small amount of every nutrient you need to survive except one and that one's found in oatmeal and now you know why there's still Irish people around.

So there's some methods of saving your ass in these tough economic times.

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Cos Chelse said...

You're overweight because you eat too many carbs. Day old bread?
Suck it up and go on a diet. You will save tons of cash and have a life, porky. I found this blog on yelp.
You really are a douchey sort of bully on yelp.