Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mimes, Memes and Meymeys

Mimes, Memes and Meymeys

Are you ever late for an internet meme? I'm not. I'm literally always on the cutting edge of comedy. But for the rest of you, those who don't even hear about some running joke until really late, this is a serious problem.

Then again, for most, ignoring internet meme's should be a priority unless they're organic to the website. Besides, half the time memes are just super elaborate in jokes upon in jokes and the other half of the time it's just something you see or watch and then go "Ha! I get that reference!" months later after the fact.

But hey, the concept of memes as sociocultural pseudoentities is neat. But actual self-described memes... well, those are just... well, they are just that.

And for the record, didn't Richard Dawkins come up with the whole "meme" thing? It's pretty clear that this was all shit from the start, basically what I'm saying. Though Dawkins' definition of the "meme" is a useful one and really interesting, but unfortunately it proved too complicated for the internet so now "meme" means "joke"

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