Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bad Broken

Bad Broken

So tonight is the season finale of breaking bad. We'll have to wait another 9 months before we see the final half of the shows conclusions and already things are boiling over to an insane level. So what's in store for us tonight?

I'm not entirely sure but it seems that the episode tonight is titled Gliding Over All.

If you want to start some wild speculation as the hours count down, this is the Walt Whitman poem that tonight's mid-season finale owes its name to;
GLIDING o'er all, through all,
Through Nature, Time, and Space,
As a ship on the waters advancing,
The voyage of the soul--not life alone,
Death, many deaths I'll sing.

Things seem like they will be bloody... That much is sure. I mean, it was only one week ago that we saw this happen..

Wait, I don't think that's how it happened. My memory is a little hazy. Much like it was when the train job happened.

hmmm, yeah. I think I'm remembering all these things wrong.

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