Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't Blink - Doctor Who Season Finale

Don't Blink - Doctor Who Season Finale

Tomorrow it is revealed to us the most important thing of the last few months - the season finale of Doctor Who, at least till December when Ol' Ms. Oswald joins the cast officially. But you know, the addition of one means the subtraction of another. Two of the most prominent  companions that most of the new viewers have seen the Doctor come up with, Amy and Rory, are leaving the show, with this being their finale episode.

So what do we have to look forward to? How about a little teaser

Statue of liberty is an angel. Oh you clever girl. Though I knew that was going to happen and for some reason I have a feeling that Amy and Rory will be captured by an Angel and be sent back, stuck in time in New York. In the helpful position to help young River Pond grow up, as we saw in Day of the Moon episode she was wondering the streets of New York.

Another clue on all this is the way that the Doctor knows something is going to happen to the Ponds in the last few episodes. In last weeks, the Doctor and the Ponds meet Henry VIII and jump under the bed when Amy some how marries him. Then in the episode before that, A Town Called Mercy, the Doctor gives Rory a bit of hassle about the time he accidentally left his phone charger in Henry VIII's bedroom.

Could this be a situation where the time for Rory and Amy is going forward, but that the Doctor is the one traveling back in time for a sort of farewell tour? Add in that the Angels take Manhattan teaser showed the TARDIS being swallowed by some strange electrical energy. It's the same energy that has been superimposed into the opening titles this past week - you can see whenever the lightening flashes.

Could the every changing opening title sequence, the flickering lights and other such things be a hint of being caused by Weeping Angels? Seems like a good theory to me.

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