Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flipping The Bird

Flipping The Bird

by bobservo


let me tell you what happened.

"guys watch this.

hey cat ffffFFFFFFuck youuuuuuu!!!


sittin in the grass. wing borkled. waitin to die.

waitin to die is boring. gonna sing a song.

chirpchirpCHIRPchirpchirpCHIRP whoaaa that's a lotta blood


getting a wicked high off blood loss when some guy grabs me and puts me in his cloth sack.

rollin around in the cloth sack, thinkin bout robins with bomb ass titties

put me in a tub swabbed some goonpaste on my wing. tried to flap the crap outta there but went into a wicked spiral like some dumbshit crow. man i bet that loud ass crow i know would like to see me now

hey you! stay away from my wife... know your place crow!!!!

man i need to take a fuggin snooze. yeah guy IVE SEEN YOUR VIDEO GAMES sheesh we can chill with some animes later

turn that light off. bird out.


woke up in a cardboard box again. thought i went on a bender with them hummingbirds but my poohole wasn't bleeding. yet

nectar gives me fire cheeks

think i'll just chillax here. i chirpchirpchirp in in comes the food FUDGE YEAH never knew i liked burritos

when i get outta here peeps will ask me if i missed my wife and i'll say yeah but then i'll whisper YEAH I MISSED HER NAGGING THE SHIT OUT OF ME

"hey pick up that stick for our nest" yeah listen that stick's a piece of garbage like yer deadbeat brother. get him outta HERE don't care bout his dead leaves

then when he leaves i'll say "egg-cellent." put that on a t-shirt. THEN GET OUTTA MY WAY CUZ I TANGLED WITH A CAT AND LIVED HOMBRE

.. --> content end-->


rehab goin well, mainly involves shoveling food in my beak and LAUGHING at the outside world

you heard right. NOT GOING BACK

"but don't you have kids" yeah i have kids every fuggin year. then the next time i'm lookin for a new lady i always gotta wonder if i'm pokin my daughter. i had some dumbass looking kids so that prolly happened at least once

"but birds live outside" good one genius. guess what else lives outside? COLDNESS. and the monster that crippled me

that thing can stay outside with my wife and kids and the hell away from dis bird

welp time for some more animes. rock on dooders


yeah yeah YEAH i'm not dead quit pokin me with q tip. just cause a guy sleeps 16 hours a day don't mean he needs poked

why do i sleep 16 hours a day. BECAUSE I CAN

saw that dickhead crow out the window today with a taco bell wrapper in his beak. guess what buddy i can get burritos for free. you just go to town on that wife on mine cause i love my new life of sleepin in the corner

ain't no corners outside

shit gotta check my e-mail. bird out.


guess what bird beat mega men 9? THIS BIRD

hey why don't you guys outside play it OH RIGHT! you need a wii not a TREE


heard it's gonna be a cold one tonight. kinda hard to hear anything over the sound of my electric blankey keeping me warm!!! me and not you

take it from this bird getting mauled by a cat is the best thing that can happen to me. why don't you try it CROW if you're not too busy eating garbage!


chat me up on .. Chirpinganarchist420. bird out.

Credit: BobServo, KC Green