Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Joe Sixpack" Is An Extremely Demeaning Term

"Joe Sixpack" Is An Extremely Demeaning Term

As I sat in my armchair watching the train wreck of a debate between Sarah Palin and Joe "Call me Joey" Biden, I nearly spit out my aged 18 year scotch from the words coming out of Mrs. Palin's mouth. No, it's not about the economy and what she vaguely has to change. It's not about how she's a hockey mom (is it ok for them to fight it out?) It's her comment to America calling us Joe Six Pack.

Why yes, Mrs. Palin, you can call me Joe Six Pack. Let's make my regular consumption of beer define my values and who i am. *cracks open a fuckin silver bullet and chugs it down*

Six pack, baby!

I'm sure there's those of you out there that do not know or never heard this term before and thought she was referring to the general masses as guys with great abs. Little did they know that when republicans refer to us as that, they're pointing us out as dysfunctional alcoholic shitbags as a term of endearment.

Wrong Timmy. Sarah's wrong NOT because
she's a woman. But because she's a moron.

Forget that the term conjures up the image that a REAL American is a white male from the south or midwest and constantly consuming alcohol. Sure, we've seen the Kid Rock videos enough to tell us that white males from the south/midwest ARE real Americans. I just don't want to admit to it.

What if we don't chug down a six pack after we get home from our blue collar job to drown away the idea that. What about us Johnny 750mls, Bob Box-wines, Joe 1/8th ounce or Mike Microbrew. Are they the average American Elitist because they aren't getting piss drunk and stumbling on Main Street or Wall Street?

How many cold ones would it take to get her to ride with me?

Worse of all, Sarah Palin is really just promoting alcoholism. But with a knocked up teenage daughter (Go Levi!) I'm guessing she's not too worried about setting that sort of bad example. Forget all the pictures you saw of Bristol drinking and looking high. Clearly a mother with a down syndrome child has plenty of time to focus on potentially being the President as McCain doesn't look like he's a spring chicken.

Perhaps Sarah Palin just sees drinking beer as getting your load of carbs. I know when I finish off a Guinness, I'm ready for a nap as if I just ate a whole loaf of bread. But face it Sarah, you can't put peanut butter and jelly on cans of Bud and eat it. So forget about the economy. As long as we have Guinness, we'll be able to feed the world on total carbs.. or as we like to call them in Ireland, Virtual loaves of bread.

Look it's Sarah Semi-automatic!

With the economy the way that it is, you're better off buying 12 packs or cases as you get a better discounted price for buying in bulk. I'm sure you'll need plenty more if you would like to continue with the debate drinking games. You'll need plenty of booze to get through those. The worse thing about this terrible term is that it's so outdated as well. Anybody over 16 has moved to twelve packs already anyway.

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