Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going Back To Philly... I Don't Think So.

Going Back To Philly... I Don't Think So.

So it's been a couple of days since the Dodgers lost game 5 and the series to the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS issuing an end of the Dodgers season and the final time of the year we'll hear Vin Scully paint a masterpiece as he calls the game. That's when I know summer has officially ended. After 35+ baseball games I went to this year baseball for the year is finally coming to a close.

It was a good season. Well, a good one for the Dodgers given all the injuries, a lot of downs and some amazing ups mixed into the twist and turns of the past nine months. Third base was constantly being filled by someone new. From Nomar to Dewitt. A team that won a game without a single hit. Yes, that's correct. The dodgers won against the Angels with them pitching a shut out (close enough with no bottom of the ninth). We then got Manny and our hitting was out of the park. A Dodgers team that lost eight straight in August and still managed to beat the rest of the NL Worst. To come in and sweep the cubs and make it all the way to the NLCS. Three wins away from a World Series, the first successful post season run since 1988. Dodgers might not have made it all the way, but they gave us nothing short of a great season.

So thanks, Dodger stadium. In your newly renovated and constantly upgraded halls lies my summer of love. My enjoyment over the warm days and cool nights. The taste of Dodger dogs still lingers in my mouth and the exploits of my drunken (illegal)tailgating will remain between my hazy memory and the fine officers who wrecked that enjoyment every so often.

My summer home.

It's a bit sad to see Baseball almost come to an end. But then I realize that unlike Football and Basketball, Baseball is one of those extremely long sports that last a good 9 out of the 12 months. So it wont be too long before I'm over in Arizona for spring training.

Baseball is a fickle mistress. She comes to you in the spring time and the both of you train together. Warming up with all of springs blooming life. You spend your evenings together all summer during the day and through the night. Drinking, eating and enjoying a couple of hours together. Then as fall comes new and the colors of the leafs start to change the amount of teams around start dwindling down and she leaves you to tough out the cold winter alone.

Each year you return to her dressed in your team colors and with a positive cheer along with it. Well, not you Cubs fans. You might as well just assume it's going to be year 101. She's there waiting for the Baseball fans. Any true blue American who will embrace her year after year. Well, except for 1994. That was one of those years she was just acting like a total bitch and you were just not having any of that.

So I come before you once both AL and NL championship division teams finished off with a top dog. It'll be the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It's not the match up the media wanted, Dodgers/Red Sox, due to the potential drama of the Manny trade, the many Red Sox transplants and Joe Torre. But that was not to be. Congrats Tampa Bay. You're a young team with nothing to lose and everything to gain with an amazing record. Going from worse to first was amazing. Being the AL team, you'll be ripe for picking this World Series win from the Phillies with ease.

Till Spring Training, I'll be crying Dodger blue. Wait.. there's no crying in baseball! We got close Joe, let's do it next year!

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