Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is Halloween!

This Is Halloween!

Well kiddies, it's the day of the year when you get to beg and plead for free treats from random strangers even though you're told every other day of the year to not take anything from them in fear that they are sex offenders. Live it up. Then again, Halloween is no longer for kids only.

Maybe I'm just getting old...

Back when Elvira, mistress of the revealing costumes, started hocking cold ones to a nation of drunk 80's people it got the ball rolling for something sinister, something different in the direction that Halloween had gone prior to that. No more great pumpkin, Charlie brown. It has become a day to party it up in nearly nothing and not be called a slut for having it all hang out.

"sexy" women's Halloween costumes are another horrifying example of the merger of corporate capitalism and patriarchal society and their powerful grasp on holidays which are meant to be a time of equal enjoyment for all parties. But perhaps it's the supply side economics saying that the only costumes they make are sexy whatever costumes so if a girl just wants to run down to bob's costume emporium that is all they have and if she doesn't make the effort to make her own she is stuck with those half naked ones.

Perhaps the attention that comes with it helps. I saw a dude dressed up as han solo in carbonite and his girlfriend was dressed up as slave leia and she was pretty pissed that everyone was more interested in his costume.

Another issue is that Some girls can pull short shorts off and some can't pull a sheet over the body. You really have to be careful when you walk that line. A lot of times it just ends up looking like a huge muffin top over flowing monster out of whatever "Sexy" costume that once was on the rack.

Now let me get one thing straight. Sexy isn't wrong. Far from it. Ladies, feel free to be sexy on the other days if you want, it's ok. I'm not sure if the mentality is that guys wont go to parties unless their's hot chicks in revealing clothing there? As if the normal party attire isn't enough, on the one day you are allowed to wear whatever you want, you just spice up that costume with a little bit of nothing to be had under it.

Well this is scary

Maybe it's just super empowering to wear a short skirt and fishnets and be objectified even more than usual and have drunk dudes refer you to by your costume instead of your name. Generally guy's costumes say one of two things

1) check how cool i look as a cop/soldier/batman/whatever

I knew a guy in high school who would dress up like a woman whenever there was some kind of event that made it socially acceptable for a guy to dress up like a woman. every single time. Maybe he was just afraid to come out. Who knows. But the point is that the inner exhibitants come out in full force on Halloween.

Don't cross the streams!

Then again, if we gloss over the slutty wear we get over to the dark side of the Holiday, the hard religious right. You know the type. They want to change Halloween to something different because they are afraid that it has too much in common with satanic or witchcraft related items. I heard one school board wanted to even change it to "Black and Orange day", which makes even less sense than I care to think about.

In all, Halloween is a fun time when anyone can attempt to be anything and not be judged for it. If your inner desire is to not get dressed and show it all off, well, more power to you. If your goal is to conform others to your jaded view point on what a Holiday should be, then well... I only hope you get candy corn and dental floss in your goodie bag.

This little Halloween lover may be
the President one day

I'd ask for one thing out of this new national dress like a slut day, don't have fun at the expense of the little ones. I saw a lot of kids just walking around with their cute costumes of Superman, fairies, witches and other such things and I see that today should be about them first. Let's take it a step back before the Mistress of the dark days. Sure, have fun and all that. But if you see a kid asking for candy, be a pal and help them out. In this PC world where we scare our kids into believing anyone they don't know wants to rape and kill them, how many chances does a kid have to get candy for dressing up in something they look up to? It'll shape the way they see this wonderful holiday and I want as few tainted from today as possible.

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