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I recently went on the record and announced that I wanted my ObamaTV. I should remind you that long before pseudo-reality tv filled the air of MTV, there was actual music on the air and they carried the whole tag line of people craving for their MTV. Every so often when the stars align and the moon hits just the right peak over the rockies, you'll see MTV play some music videos. But for the everyday music fix you've been turning to Youtube. Since Viacom is a law suit happy corporation, most videos are often pulled down before you can enjoy them to the fullest.

What does the M stand for these days? Mundane?

MTV has done something that I thought would not happen again. They've turn cool again. While not deviating from the format of showing crap, crap and more crap, they have allowed us, harnessing with the awesome mighty power of the internet, to check out music videos that they've shown for free! I'd gladly take the days of Jenny McCarthy over the current MTV we have going.

Back then I thought this was the worse MTV can do..
I was wrong

By clicking your clicker here, you'll be lead to mtv music, which will grant you all sorts of magic powers to avoid the hills, date my mom, Mtv's Why am I watching Mtv, Parental control, Cribs, generic reality show and any other non-music video show on a network called Music TV...

Forgotten favorites and classic's like Land of Confusion, Walk This Way, a whole stack of Weird Al, Hot for Teacher, and Puttin' On The Ritz. are at your finger tips now.

Not surprisingly, the Rick Roll is currently number two top-rated. Might I give you, the internet, a big middle finger for ruining yet another thing I found funny. That was till every April fools prank done outside of April links to. So forget this service for the popular titles you'd see on every internet meme.

For those who remember a those lesser known classic, you can find them. Hell, I even found 80's Crazy looking Tori Amos. Who I haven't seen a good quality video for in years. Be honest with me, have you ever even seen the King Missile video for detachable penis? Yeah, that's what I thought. Doug the Slug would be proud of me. Money for nothing is the most viewed. Damn right.

Tori Amos.. Crazy then... just as crazy now... Crazy Hot!

In the long run, we may never see the full episodes of Beavis and Butthead in their true form with all the videos still in there. But thanks to, we can at least be Beavis and Butthead from the comforts of our own home. Though I do think my favorite was when they mocked this classic punk rock female inspired song. I mean, Ween is way too easy to mock.

Best of all, they have POP UP VIDEO! How do I know this? Cause I searched for Jewel's Who Will Save Your Soul, which was one video, among others by Jewel that had a different meaning in terms of popping up. ZING! Oh yeah, here it is without the stupid pop up. I dare anyone to listen to this and not be a little... teared up..

Can you blame me for crushin' on her?

But there's other classics that todays youth wouldn't ever know, like this little number about three little pigs that everyone should see. The fact that they have Purple Haze makes up for any video they don't have. Who can forget some Toni Basil's Mickey.. cause he's so fine.. he's so fine he blows my mind... Even if you don't enjoy campy music and no matter what isn't on there(Beastie Boys - Sabotage) this is probably the best music related thing MTV has done in decades. Even if they have to censor out the hash in the hash pipe by Weezer

Now if only they got the old Jon Stewart show up somewhere.

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