Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want My ObamaTV 2.0

I Want My ObamaTV 2.0

So we're one day away from ObamaTV rocketing on to our television screens and we're still a bit in the dark as to what he's actually going to do with his air time besides Pointless guesses. But I'm the type of person who will continue shooting in the dark in hopes at hitting something. So here's some more guesses as to what the Senator will be using for his on air talents. I know one thing for sure, it's not the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, cause that shit aired tonight and well, you already missed it.

An in-depth discussion on the merits of the Magic Bullet and how it will save our economy.

Testimonial on how ExtenZe has changed his life and how it could give you and your special someone a better President.

Hang out at an unspecified location in Phoenix AZ sipping whiskey, smoking a cigar, and talking about how much he wishes Barry Goldwater were still alive.

talk about all his campaign money - "And this $20 bill was donated by Richard Hernandez of Chula Vista, CA!"

Comparing the number of bouts with face cancer that he and McCain have each had to deal with.

concedes to mccain, reasoning "democrats aren't meant to win elections"

Rap Battle with Orrin Hatch.

30 minutes of rolling around in money

Obama represented on the boob tube....

Obama and Shaq playing hoop to the tunes of Quad City DJ's "Space Jam" against Putin and Karl Rove.

speaks about his christian faith at length while he has his fingers crossed

drops out of the campaign, nominating Oprah as his replacement. AS WAS THE DEAL.

airs footage from "who's nailin palin"

But then America gains a President...

He'll be sitting in a nice comfy chair next to a fireplace and start reading children's books to us. No I do not want green eggs and ham....

Thirty minute lecture on superstring theory

Shows footage from the ring causing us all to be cursed.

Reveals himself to be Andy Kaufman

Look at that smooooth mother fu....

First 30 mins of soul plane

The last 30 minutes of 2001

Just loops of McCain stumbling and acting like an idiot set to Yakety Sax.

Re-enactment of muhammad ali v. sonny liston, with obama standing over a mccain impersonator shouting GET UP, GET UP

On NBC, Obama will discuss a few tips on fitness, and even give share the secret of his jumpshot.

On CBS, Michelle will host a cooking show, where she will teach America some of her favorite home recipes. Sasha and Malia assist.

On Fox, Biden will offer his pre-game analysis for Phillies-Rays game, with a brief rundown on sports the rest of the week.

30 minute in-depth revelation of the wu tang secret

30 minute video let's play of Obama beating street fighter ii as dhalsim

Drama set two years into the Mccain presidency, will smith plays one of the few survivors

An old tape of Bob Ross painting. digitally edited to make him paint a serene obama figure in the American countryside.

Season 1 episode 4 of the Ferris Bueller TV show

Well, that's one way to lock up the East L.A. vote

Obama stars in an episode of mtv cribs

A new episode of Sports Night, after a mere eight years or so of languishing in obscurity?

Barack Obama halloween special

Re-enact debates using finger puppets and squeaky voices

No matter it is, Obama has some tough competition. Game five of the world series is in need of wrapping up after a long rain delay that lasted two days. Not to mention that Obama has some heavy shoes to fill when it comes to political infomercials.

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