Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Want My ObamaTV

I Want My ObamaTV

Who says that TV will rot your brains? It can also slice, dice and blend your thought process and hinder your creative imagination all with one simple button! Besides doing all that and costing only a couple of monthly payments it can also bring you some education on the current affairs in a way that no web 2.0 application can give you. With some credibility.

Senator Obama understands that the average Joe Sixpack loves his TV. Loves it real good. So much that he bought up a half hour prime time spot to address the nation and lay it all down.

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
The Obama camp is confirming they have bought 30 minutes of air time in primetime on "the networks" Oct. 29.
The Obama campaign stresses it is not saying which networks -- as yet.

Working in the TV industry and aspiring to be in program development, this whole thing only makes me wonder how he'll fill up the air time. I'll take a moment to brainstorm some ideas on how he can use this 30 minutes to get across to us Joe Sixpacks.

First off, if it doesn't open with the Jeffersons theme song I'll be pissed. No exception.

A documentary on melanoma

An episode of All in the Family

A selected 30 minutes of Song of the South

Obama schooling mccain on the basketball court with an intro starting like this: *shoots 3 pointer* "oh hi, didn't see you there"

A very special episode of Fat Albert dealing with tobacco and harder drugs.

It's The Great Pumpkin, John McCain!

It will just be the obama logo and elevator muzak for 30 mins until the last 5 seconds where it cuts to him and he winks at you

A pitch-perfect reenactment of the Max Headroom WTTW Chicago broadcasting incident, except the person will be wearing a George W. Bush mask.

Obama... after dark

A Choom Gang reunion special

Retro clips from Ross Perot's special as Obama drinks OK Soda and listens to Pavement in between

Whatever it is, I hope he brings charts.

He's going to walk into a room, say the pledge of allegiance, pray to Jesus and then eat a pork chop.

Obama giving a speech on the economy and health care while literally hammering nails into a coffin

A selection of scenes from Pink Flamingos, Salo and Caligula. If I was rich or a program director, I know I would do this.

2 candidates 1 cup

Birth of a Nation Pt.1

A recreation of Petey Greene's best moments

An episode of House where the diagnosis is Hope

Obama walks into a mccain fundraiser and lights some blunts with franklins while yelling "WHAT. WHAT. YOU GOT NOTHIN. YOU GOT NOTHIN."

A sketch variety show featuring wisecracking chicago street kids who Dare to Hope and go around and organize the shit out of some stuff

Clips from 'the power of nightmares'

Becker, he should simply play an episode of Becker.

That Animaniacs episode with Palin and McCain

Fresh Prince of Penn Ave

Dick Clark and Ed McMahon are going to join him for "McCain Campaign's Bloopers and Practical Jokes"

Ext. Outside the Oval Office
FEMALE FORENSICS EXPERT: This economy's dead! There's no money left! Not even a nickel!
BARACK OBAMA: Then I guess we'll have to (dramatically puts on sunglasses) MAKE CHANGE!

So there you go. That's a couple of ideas as programing director hopeful, that I would give to Obama about what his half hour broadcast should be all about. And on a comical note, Fair and Balanced Fox hasn't let Obama buy airtime yet. They are stating that it might conflict with game 6 of the World Series.

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