Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cop Killer

Cop Killer

In America we have gangster rap and the whole concept of killing cops. I mean, why not. They're all out to get you, right? Well as time went by Ice Cube turned into some sort of family friendly film star and all the cop killing dreams were shattered. Thank goodness we have the folks from across the pond to take the mantle and run with it.
FUGITIVE gunman Raoul Moat scrawled a 49-page confession to his rampage - and vowed to "keep killing police until I'm dead".

A shocked pal of Moat told last night how he answered a knock at his door - and was confronted by the shotgun killer clutching the confession.

Moat told Andy Mcallister he wanted it passed to cops and the press. It included the line: "Last night I declared war on Northumbria Police."

Bodybuilder Moat, still at large, called on Andy after shooting his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, 22, and executing her new love Chris Brown, 29.
Behold, for this is the face of the resistance.

I just have to ask what's it like in England? Are the masses rising up to support their leader? Or has the glorious revolution finally come? Because really, when I think of the police that deserve to be warred upon, Northumbria probably doesn't make the list. Hell, I probably couldn't point to it on a map. Somewhere in the north? That's about as much as I got in terms of ideas of where this place is.

A recent update is that they've found his car and the BBC is showing live footage of armed police wandering around the woods near the village of Rothbury. Can you imagine how crazy it must be to be that dude right now? I was sure he was going to be some crazy BNP shit head or something, but apparently he has literally just dedicated what's left of his life to being a remorseless cop killing machine and nothing else.

He's like some kind of opposite Punisher or something. Even though British cops aren't that bad, but let's face it - you try writing something like the following;
I'm sorry, but nobody in the united states will ever get the chance to say or write something this cool.

So it's pretty crazy as to why he's doing this. His ex-wife told him that her new boyfriend was a copper to try to scare him off. That seems to have not worked out well for her in the end. This chick must have really been some demon in the sack/really out of his league for him to go through all this trouble.

Worse of all, they've already managed to write the usual 'is thing to be blame?' sort of article already. blaming it on potentially being steroids Maybe it's just in the fucking British genes? Now that would be the bio truth. But apparently this lovely specimen of anglosaxon superiority injects copious amounts of seroids and tanning drugs to make himself brown. Yes, tanning drugs, and yes, he's making himself browner with them.

The dude sounds like a fucking pussy who can't deal when his lady friend moves on, so he sets up the police to kill him instead of just jumping off a fucking building and landing on a lorry or whatever they call trucks over there in merry old England.

The dude's a former bouncer. My motto above all else is that bouncers fucking suck. They suck far worse than the police. So I really don't know who to get behind on this one.

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