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Internet Killed The Radio Format - The New Normal

Internet Killed The Radio Format - The New Normal

Video may have killed the radio star but it should be noted that the Internet is on its way of making it a lot easier to find new music. Welcome to the scene of online streams of music, New Normal Music. So what exactly is New Normal Music? Why not let Tom explain;
Radio veteran Tom Leykis is set to launch a new creation he calls "New Normal Music." He describes New Normal Music as "an adrenaline rush of hooky, energetic music culled from the pulse of what college-age males are listening to across a broad range of kinetic genres."
That's the condensed down version of it. The real purpose of the "station" format is to do what every other radio station won't. Not pander and take the easy way out in station programing by playing the tired songs from a few years past.
"In today’s corporate-run radio, the pressure has long been on to keep new music off the air," he explains. "Research has dictated that stations tell audiences they’re playing 'new' music while serving them the comfort zone favorites they’ve already proven to love. So-called 'alternative' stations that launched WEEZER are still playing their songs to an audience that is literally wheezing now! My concept is playing music that is totally fresh -- new music by baby artists with not one song in rotation over 12 months-old."
Considering how many times songs are on a cycle on the majority of the radio stations with a lot of the same successful bands on heavy repeat, this is a bold move. It's also one that has a lot of potential to work.

With the modern day ease of streaming on to your smart phone, you're no longer restricted to listen to the music that your local area can pick up on the car antenna. Driving through the majority of California would be nothing but farmer reports, religious stations and Spanish stations. So the ability to stream this from their website is perfect.

New Normal Music first started airing last night at midnight and is currently running with 500,000 songs in a row. If you're still wondering how this is any different than anything on the radio, The following are things you're probably NOT going to hear on The New Normal:

-"This one goes out to Joey from Susie-sue, who's wishing she could be with you right now and sends you all her love"

- Ryan Seacrest spouting off American Idol news, celebrity gossip or paying your bills.

- Flash back lunches.... or flash back anythings for that matter.

- "Caller number 98.7 is going to be entered into a contest to win something . Listen all week to know when to call!"

- Rick Dees or Casey Kasem showing off their accounting skills in counting down things.

- Furious fives, Top Ten, or any other sort of "today's hottest song" countdown nightly.

- Pledge drives.

- Crazy tin foil hat wearing callers either East or West of the Rockies.

- No songs about wives leaving, pick-up trucks not working or dogs dying.

- Kenny G or any other smooooth listening bore you to tears songs.

- Winning tickets to see a 40 year old band play their latest gig at the local county fair.

- Church/Mass service or any Bible thumping

- Farming reports

- Richard Blade's fake British accent.

- Conversations about how to kill your red ant problem.

- Disc Jockeys named "Big Bopper", "Shotgun", "Wolfman", "Big Boy", "Stryker" or "Jed The Fish".

- The standard 40, 60, or 90 minutes of commercial free music -When it comes on tonight, it's a straight 50,000 songs in a row.

- It wont have Santa Monica, or any cities snooze inducing city council meetings.

- Appealing to the tea baggers by not playing a single Spanish language song

- Come Christmas time, New Normal won't be blasting holiday cliched music till you're driven to suicide by fruitcake.

- That one hour of community service local radio program that every station tries to stick on at the same time on Sunday morning

- Breakfast, lunch or dinner with the Beatles.

- A tent handing out promo shirts that will only serve as an indicator that your girlfriend doesn't want to put out when it's worn to bed.

- Dr. Demento... Oh wait, not even the radio has him anymore

- No ads for methods on how to detox your system and add years to your life .

- No traffic on the 1's, 5's, 8's, and 10's.

- Dr. Laura and her turkey neck. Ugggggggggh

- Dingo and the Baby, Kevin and Bean, Mark and Brian or any other morning zoo wacky programs to kill time on your morning commute.

- Phrases such as "More music, less talk", "One great song after another", "The station with all your favorites", "Most variety on the radio!"

There you go. With the sound quality being extremely crisp, the format being all new music and it going on for so long without breaks, I'm not sure how you could pass up just setting your media player to stream New Normal Music. The station really is worth the hype and I wish Tom Leykis and Art nothing but the best in this venture.

Radio is dead. Long live streaming feeds.

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