Monday, July 12, 2010

Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling

It's finally over... It's finally done. The world cup, she is no more.

With the victory of Spain in such a close game of 1-0... oh wait, what? Really? You people seriously got excited about a 0-0 tie game with a shitty goal in extra time? I guess that's your typical soccer game though. So oh well.

Did you notice the guy on ABC said "After all, we are all Africans." So just so you know this is the sound of a million Americans sending angry letters to ABC saying "they ain't no niggers", but that's best left for a later topic.

It's been a good month long adventure in staying up late to watch early morning games. Yes, it kept me company on those long nights that turned into morning. 45 minute rounds of back and forth and back and forth and maybe, just maybe a goal.

I can't say I regret any minute of it. Any time you have an excuse to drink at 4:30 in the morning. We all fell in love with a psychic octopus named paul

And here I thought Paul was suppose to be the walrus.

Don't let Paul get all your attention, the world cup brought us a lot of new and interesting things we could openly mock on the internet. While an Octopi that is 8 for 8 is bad ass, you can't forget the big sucker of the world cup. Mind numbing buzzing from the Vuvuzela.

The real question is if the Vuvuzela is a legitimate reason to be racist. These two gents figured it was justified reasons to hate on it. Though, to be honest, it seemed like every right winged political figures thought Soccer was a bore since it wasn't Nascar and didn't appeal to their primary voters.

Now that it's over you Canadians shouldn't feel all that bad having been left out because you couldn't beat a 3rd wold country to get into the world cup. It seems that none of us could beat Spain in their domination of Africa. Ha, Bet you never thought you would hear that.

That being said, I dealt with it and moved on, so should everyone else.

It was a good month of Soccer, a sport that we only seem to care about every four years, but care about it we do. To the tune of more viewers than the Olympics. It was a lot of laughs and a lot of strange predictions.. till we meet again in another four.

Next time in Brazil!

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