Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Arizona, You So Crazy

Oh Arizona, You So Crazy

Somehow I got myself on the recieving end of a free year membership to the NRA. I have no idea how, but for some reason I'm on it and so is my e-mail. I guess I pissed off one too many republicans in my blog and they signed me up. Anyway, I got the following e-mail in my inbox the other day and I'm just confused about it.
Dear Fellow Patriots,

I'm sending you this special appeal today because I am supporting a good friend who needs your help with a very important mission, and I am hoping you will respond as soon as you can... today if possible.

WE FACE AN EMERGENCY! Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder – just to name a few of the leading liberals who support AMNESTY – are rallying their forces in Washington, DC and around the nation.

They are planning an all-out assault on our nation and our efforts to stop illegal immigration by GRANTING AMNESTY to the 23 MILLION illegal aliens currently in the United States.
Holy shit! 23 MILLION of them?!? And they're all sleeper agents waiting to unleash the war on America?! Factor in that they breed like dessert jackrabbits and we're talking about 500 billion more brown people by 2012... if not sooner!

The good ol' Sheriff goes on to say..
For years, I've been called "America's Toughest Sheriff" because I enforce the law and go after the criminals, even when the Liberals in the media and the Socialists in Washington disagree. Today, I'm asking you to support B.A.N. – – because they are America's toughest anti-illegal immigration organization, and they are our best hope for stopping the Obama Amnesty scheme in its tracks.

You and I already know that Barack Obama has pledged to pass Amnesty for Illegals this year! And the Obama White House has recently held meetings with political and community groups with millions of members around the nation to plot a strategy toward passage of a massive new Amnesty plan that includes a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants in America today.

As a conservative, I trust you believe as I do that we must secure ourborders. I trust you believe as I do that we cannot reward criminalbehavior by granting amnesty to illegal aliens who broke the law. And Itrust that you will join me now by supporting!
Now I know what you're thinking: "He bolded some of that shit because he wanted to point out something stupid." Nope. That shit was bolded by the good ol' Sherdirff Jew Arpapaya himself... PERSONALLY using a Made in the USA bolding key board shortcut.

But this man isn't done yet, no sir. Look at the rest
P.S. Individuals who contribute $50 or more before June 30, 2010 will receive as a special “thank you” a bumper sticker and a VIP invitation to the upcoming B.A.N. kickoff TELE-TOWN-HALL with Sen. Russell Pearce. Please join our team today! What we need most right now is YOU!
I say God fucking damn the LIEberals have delayed this mail so that I did not recieve it until a week after the cut off. I wanted to be all up on this amazingly awesome twon hall meeting. I have always loved Russel Pearce! I think but now fuck a golden opportunity missed forever. This just makes me furious! Almost as furious as illegals coming into our country and taking are jobs away does!

So won't you help me and Joe out. I mean, Sheriff Joe is really the Greatest American Hero, right? You know, the only important email you can get from Sheriff Joe is one where he details his location and you just go and assassinate him with a bullet inscribed with one word: Adios.

Just remember that there are millions of people who support forcibly rounding up all "illegals" placing them in camps and deporting them in a process which would inevitably murder tens of thousands and deport thousands of citizens and lega residents. There's no way there are 23 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

But if there really were 23 million "illegals" and during the roundup/mass deportation only 1% of them were killed "resisting" that is 230,000 human being murdered for the crime of wanting a better life for them and their families. You have to also remember that it's fairly obvious that if all the illegals were spirited away to Oz right now, the economy of the US would more or less collapse and it's comical that it's never discussed.

Targeting individual immigrants is typical bullshit, how about actually fining employers $500,000 per illegal employees, or maybe 10k for the first and 500k for the next citation. I'm sure that would end illegal immigration as we know it as every employer will make sure they hire someone with proper paper work.

The thing that's funny about this is that these are the same people who were horrirfied at liberals demonizing the President George Bush during war time. As if it was against all the laws to do so. You know, if you don't stand behind our troops, perhaps you should stand in front of them sort of bullshit mentality.

Wouldn't decriminalization of drugs be a much better way of stemming the flow of illegals into the US by cutting violent cartel profits and making Mexico less of a shit hole or am I just dumb. Actually, it would probably cause a dramatic upsurge in violence as the cartels fight to maintain what profits they do have. Though this wouldn't las long. It goes
1. Underground systematic violence.
2. Legalization confusion probably a lot of violence
3. Eternal peace.

So hey, let's just get legal weed! Though he'd have no way of running his campaign to remain King of Maricopa County if they decided to just make any ammeisty law that would work. How will I threaten my cleaning lady without the normal "I'll call INS on you, Bitch!" I really wish the dude who bought FUCKJOEARPAIO.COM would do something with it.

Don't think I'm extremely loose on this one siding with undocumented folks. I don't get how progressive democrats or whatever are all so for illegal immigration. What's good about that? Why don't we scrap NAFTA so that Mexico can have competitive exports or something? What does letting every illegal immigrant in without repercussions mean, but a race to the bottom? It's like when they say 'they do jobs Americans won't do'. This is really saying they do jobs Americans wouldn't do at illegal immigrant deflated wages and benefits.

I know we're all so above the idea of the nation state and the state only exists for wars and so on, but what's wrong with protecting all the hard won social safety nets helping rebuild Meixco so they don't need to come to America. None of this excuses the fact that Joe Arpaio treats Mexicans like they have no rights, he's a scumbag. But we should take a moment to look at how to actually fix the problem.

"But... I came here when I was 3... I don't even speak Spanish!"
"And? Get the fuck in the cattle car, Mojado. Next stop Juarez!"

The sad part is that Joe Arpaio is going to be the next president of the united states.

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