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Touching Rosemary's Baby

Touching Rosemary's Baby

Rape fans everywhere jump up for joy, Roman Polanski's free and it looks like he got away with it. So I guess you're just gonna have to deal with it.
Roman Polanski's latest courtroom drama has an ending.

Switzerland has ruled the famed film director will not be extradited to the United States, from where he fled in 1978 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

The 76-year-old was taken into custody in September when arrived in the country to receive a lifetime achievement award at a film festival. Polanski has been held under house arrest in Gstaad, Switzerland for several months.

"I ask only to be treated fairly like anyone else," Polanski said in May, as officials spent months pondering his fate.

The Oscar-winning director of "Rosemary's Baby" and "Chinatown" was accused of serving his victim champagne and drugs in 1977 during a modeling shoot, then raping her. Polanski was originally sentenced to 90-days of "diagnostic study," but when the judge decided to change his sentence, he ran.

The French-born filmmaker has continued to direct films in Europe, including "Frantic" with Harrison Ford and "The Pianist," which earned him an Academy Award for Best Director in 2002.

Hmmmm. So let's review this. Fucked a drugged up 13 year old girl in the ass. You know what's frustrating about this the most? It's that it would have still been rape if the girl was 18 and everyone just focuses on her age as if that's the only thing wrong with this situation.

I guess since he slept in jail a few times and hasn't been able to party it up in Hollywood anymore the man has clearly paid his dues. It's good to know that his artistic output is more important than the right of women not to have their bodies violated. I sure hope that Nathan Lane never looks at me with those eyes.

Remember that Free Polanski petition all the celebrities signed that referred to rape as "a case of morals". It's nice to see that the act that the rich are better than the poor is being legally enshrined internationally as well. If it weren't for the fact that he's famous, he would have been in prison a while.

I can't wait for Lindsey Lohan to not go to jail for more than a couple of weeks for something a minority or poor would get 5 years for. And yet Jack Nicholson, the man who you see at Laker games all the time walks free, even though he watched and taped it. I mean, it was in his house after all.

Perhaps he should just rub it in everyone's face. Say by making a movie about a guy who just rapes women all the time and gets away with it. At the end he could put "Based on a real story", shortly before "That's me!" then a "I raped a ll the bitches" and a "It was MEEEEEEEEE!!" to just add extra insult to injury.

Rosemary's Baby was about an unrealistically guileless woman being repeatedly raped and tricked into eating poison by a group of cultists. Um. He's a film genius or something, I suppose. I guess let he who has had a half-naked teenage girl posing on their couch and a whole cabinet of alcohol and drugs readily available and didn't do anything cast the first stone, right?

Our culture has a double standard when it comes to younger women. We want hairless skinny girls but looking at younger than 18 girls is sick. The only difference between the ideal and the 14 year old is the unrealistically huge breast on the ideal.

How about this for thinking about - Did you know his current wife is 2 years younger than the girl he raped. Attributing that to anything other than your standard Hollywood May-December romances is approaching tin foil territory, but I always found it an interesting coincidence.

an unrelated story, but the European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that some Islamist UK guy cannot be extradited to the US because of super maximum jail conditions. What I'm trying to say is that nobody should be extradited to the US on the grounds that our prison systems are total shit.

That's what the US gets, right? They failed to submit the proper information for the review of the extradition request. So the American court system is too incompetent to even handle the proper divulging of information. On the other side, we can make fun of the Swiss for keeping a child rapist safe. It's not like women have much rights there anyway. Swiss women couldn't vote until like 20 years ago.

Though it all seems like an attempt to release Polanski anyway. They were requesting information to determine if 42 days he already served was a sufficient amount of time to serve for raping someone.

My thoughts on this? It's really mixed, but for the Swiss to just say "fuck you" seems a little much. I do agree that our prison system sucks badly. But then the justice for rich celebrities is just something that angers me.

I really don't know. Rape isn't something to scoff at and drugging someone is just all sorts of wrong that should require him to enjoy the loving embrace of big bubba from a jail house shower. But yeah.. I'm totally thrown for a loop on this one.

I read this morning that FIFA is considering Polanski and for the organization's official groundskeeper tasked with deciding whether or not there is sufficient grass on the playing field in order to proceed.

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