Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain Rocks

Spain Rocks

Today Spain plays for the potential of winning its first World Cup. Now while most people don't give a shit about Soccer in general, it should be noted that this is a pretty big thing. Being that my lineage comes from Spain, I should be pretty proud of them.

Though let's face it, I'm proud of them for many reasons. The food in Spain is amazing. They make great wine. Pork products in Spain can't be beat and then you have the politics.

Meet Jordi Evolé

He goes by the nickname "el follonero" which in english translates to "fucker" as in literally "one who fucks" but i can't think of any approximate english slang

(in this video a European conservative complains about the Muslim hordes invading Europe, while follonero pops anti-populist rhetoric pills)

Basically his gig is confronting politicians and celebrities, both within Spain and all over Europe. What makes him special is that he does it on a weekly basis on one of the biggest national TV channels in prime time and is a communist, and people love him.

In this video, which fucking owns, two of follonero's gay friends wear the traditional uniform of franco's falange fascist political party, and hitchhike to his tomb, where they make out over his grave and dance in front of the crowds.

Some are tourists, a bunch are Spaniards and some foreigners who are franco supporters, and he screws with them and a tour guide (the tomb is run by supporters) before putting the communist Spanish republic's flag colors on franco's tombstone as the republic anthem plays and delivers an ice burn:
let me tell you how things are going in Spain! you know who's in charge? the grandson of a republican! and faggots? we call them gays! and they can marry! and real Madrid was eliminated from the cup, by a basque team!
Here's another video that is awesome. Basically in this video he talks to the president of Spain who is running for re-election, and tells the president that if he says "Javier Bardem" in the next day's debate, he'll vote for him.

cue this:

and in this one he's on the Spanish tonight show, and calls the president of Spain (who answers) and talks with him for a while

and in this last video he gives queen Elizabeth a leg of cured ham

Though, to be honest, being gay and hiding it in Spain must be pretty easy when everyone has a stupid lisp. There's a lot of better videos but these require the least translating and understanding of Spanish politics.

I hope you not only watch them, but understand all of the videos. Spain may win today in Soccer, but don't you forget that it's still a horrible place. Meaning that it's a whole lot better than American in every facet.

In short - GO SPAIN!

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