Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic Con - You'd Give Your Left Eye To Be There!

Comic Con - You'd Give Your Left Eye To Be There!

I was going to call this "Comic Con - Let's Get This Party Started" because I always feel like parties should be started up in here, you know. But I couldn't pass up the chance for this one. What made it so topical? Well, more on that later.

First.. well.. wow. First, how do you even start to talk about this years Comic con? How about long before comic con even started and the crazy folks at the Westboro Baptist Church said they were going to protest it. You know the ones, those that say God hates fags and what not. Yeah.. them. Only they didn't know what they signed up for when dealing with nerds. We don't give no fuck!
An anti-gay protest from the Westboro Baptist Church at the massive comic convention Comic-Con has been muffled by a humorous counterprotest.

The Westboro Baptist church has gained notoriety for anti-gay and anti-government protests, picketing the funerals of US soldiers, celebrating the deaths of Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger and making hate-filled diatribes against Lady Gaga, President Obama and Sweden.

But they met their match with convention-goers at the massive science fiction/comics event in San Diego, California, who countered the demonstration with witty signs, lurid costumes and mocking chants.

"What do we want? Gay sex! When do we want it? Now!" shouted members of the crowd.

Apparently the church protesters dispersed when they got completely overwhelmed by nerds and their signs. I'm glad to see people counter-protesting Westboro supporters, they are quite possibly the most vile modern christian sect. imaginable. Well, at least they aren't violent...

Though let's be honest. Fred Phelps is a pretty genuinely broken, hateful man and he's done hjs level best to infect the rest of his family with his hatred. If even half the things I've heard about him are true, then he's truly insane and with some terrifying violent tendencies. But it seems that all those violent tendencies are centered into brainwashing his children into his belief.

All of these signs made me laugh when I walked by them at con during the protest. The Odin one was really comical. Not many people have picked up the good book of thor #5, I'd say. And I completely agree that God Hates Michael Bay. I'm pretty sure he supports competent editing in films.

But this was probably the best way to deal with them. Everyone knew arguing with the WBC was useless, so they just went with overwhelming them with a heap of internet memes and nerd related humor. It was interesting to see WBC try to handle all of the senselessness directly targeted at them for a change.

And for those of you who think that the best way to deal with WBC is to not give them any attention at all and let them go away. I can't really believe there's some people who continue to pull out that completely ridiculous chestnut of "You're just giving them attention, if we ignore them they'll go away".

This tactic works in the same way as "it's just cancer! Don't give it any attention. If you just ignore it maybe it'll go away!" Because just ignoring the WBC won't have them go away. You should fight hate with love, injustice with justice. You can't out-hate people like the Phelps, so it's really the best tactic to nullify their message with just out doing their absurdity

It's rather funny that the WBC folks have the police around them at all times and they go after the folks who they are protesting against to prevent any sort of violence to happen. Though really, the whole thing was comedy at best when they just walked away.. realizing that they got out-trolled by comic con folks.

You could almost say that you would give your left eye to see that. Which is just what one person did when an argument broke out in Hall H.
Between the just ending Resident Evil: Afterlife panel and the Marvel Comics panel a fight between two fans erupted when one of them wouldn't change seats. Sadly, the scene ended in bloodshed as the argument turned violent resulting in the man who wouldn't move being stabbed in the eye with a pen.

The victim has been stretchered out and the attacker (both adults) has been removed from the convention center by police in handcuffs, his exclusive Comic-Con Harry Potter T-shirt soaked in blood.
Yes, that's right. Someone stabbed a dude in the eye with a pen so the Thor and Avenger panels had to be delayed. By Odin's Beard, is there no honor in Hall H? And why did he do it? Because the guy wouldn't change seats.

Okay, that's a little vague. Let me describe what happens in Hall H. Last year when Twilight came to con, the line for Hall H started up much earlier - the night before the panel was set to start. So now the line for it starts up extremely early, so much so that you really don't even need to book a hotel room for con anymore. You could just be homeless.

So all these people wait in line and in the morning they're allowed in. They find their seats and since the programing for the day varies, at many points people just leave. They were there to see what they wanted and they leave. So between programs/panels with the people leaving their seats for good, other people sort of move up in chairs. It's a crazy situation only made crazier.

So I'm guessing that this poor joe was saving a seat and Harry Potter fan #1 wanted it. After losing his own chair in risking to venture off and find a better one, he got pissed and they got into a fight and the pen ended up being mightier.

Ha! That's absolutely horrible that someone got stabbed in the eye over something so trivial. That's also got to be one of the worst places to get stabbed in too. Over a seat at comic con. Do you know how many jokes will be made because of this single event for however many years of comic con to come?

Then think about how prison is going to be in terms of extra levels of torment and hell when people find out that you stabbed a guy over moving up a couple of chairs to see the next panel. Then again, maybe they may think he's extra tough when he comes in with his blood stained Harry Potter t-shirt. "Stay away from that guy, he rolls with the west side Gryffindors!"

Though I have to feel for the guy who got the pen to the eye. I also received a sharp injury at comic con. I got a splinter in my fucking throat. And no, it wasn't during the panels. I actually had an amazing Thursday at the con. Finding a tron scavenger hunt piece and getting into three after parties that night.

But when Friday night rolled around I went with my friend to one City of Heroes after party at the Hardrock hotel and there they had some free food. Meat on bamboo skewers.. Which seemed like the perfect thing. I de-meated my skewer and chewed on the meat and I guess somewhere in there was a splinter and it got lodged in my throat under my tonsils. It hurt like fuck and I was in the bathroom trying to get it out for some time.

Nothing worked and I ended up just waiting till Sunday with this gag inducing stick in my mouth when I saw a doctor. Eventually got the 1cm stick out of my mouth with tweezers. Yes, that's right.. Ugh. Let me tell you, getting staked at comic con is no fun.

Ah, a splinter the size of a fucking penny stuck in the throat. Gotta love that bullshit. City of Heroes, I never played your game nor would I ever bother to.

But I still have to say that even though the two big stories of comic con were violence and stupidity in eating and protesting, there's reason for the mass migration of nerds to this convention center every year.. and sadly it's not for comics but for comic related items.

Look at the following piece for the upcoming Captain America film. It's a thing of beauty.

It's also the place were you see your comics come to life. In the form of some really scary shitty looking cosplayers (though, let's be honest - half the time it's an excuse to walk around half naked) to seeing props that will be used for future comic book summer blockbusters.

I never in my wildest imagination thought I would see the Infinity Gauntlet in person. I mean, look at this!

But even those props and what they might be used in isn't the real seller here. No, it's to see the comics come to life. And considering that this year had NO news or announcements in terms of comic books from either Marvel or DC at the biggest comic convention around, I guess the main focus had to be the films they were producing.

One of the highlight was when the Avengers finally Assembled. If there's any reason or justification for the Hall H violence that happened, it's that you get to see the cast and hear announcements for stuff that will be big news. Because hey, the Avengers did Assemble on stage.

For those of you not paying attention at home, we have;

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Evans as Captain America
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Incredible Hulk

For a company that had a lot of the characters sold off to other film studios in movie rights, to get the Avengers movie off the ground and see these comic characters class is something utterly huge. I mean, it's a long way from when we first got film/tv crossovers such as this fine example of Thor vs Hulk...

That was bad and I only saw one actor in that video that looked like they belonged there. But hey, that was then and this is now. Just seeing the cast there was amazing and even though the movie is a whole two years away, it's still screams for attention.

A lot of the actors for the Avengers movie are perfect for the role. Just look at the swagger that Robert Downey jr. brings to the table. And even though Chris Evans is the poster boy for every comic book movie these days with his latest one being an Evil Ex in Scott Pilgrim, he still looks great for Captain America. Wait a minute, I think we need to stop and look at scarlet once again.

Yeeeeaaaah, That wasn't creepy at all. Anyhow, it's an entirely big boys club all up in there. What be up with that. You have Marvel Girl, Wasp, Jessica Drew, and various others to choose from and all you have is Black Widow? I guess I can't complain about that.

Though I'm a little let down about Nick Fury. I'm a huge Fury fan. I mean, look at the side image. I have a Nick Fury eye patch rocking most of the times because he's such a bad ass. Maybe I'm just waiting for them to announce a Nick Fury movie that goes back to the classic days of Nick Fury...

And I don't mean WHITE. I'm more than happy to see Sam Jackson ride a motorcycle through a wall bare chested while shooting two guns at Hydra scum. I mean, that in itself would be a movie I see four times and why the Hoff couldn't do that once in his version of Nick Fury, I will never know nor will I speculate. But that's the main reason I disliked that one.

Then there's those surprises you really can't expect but just love when they happen. Such as this surprise guest appearance to con for his first time there..

Which just brings about new questions.. such as, it took Cowboys & Aliens to bring Harrison Ford to comic con. Really?! REALLY? I know he's sort of a recluse who just doesn't want any part of the Hollywood scene, but he's played how many iconic nerd characters in films now? Han Solo and Indiana Jones alone should be reason enough for him to have visited in the past.

What? He didn't want to promote Crystal Skull? I know some people hated it, but come on.. it's Harrison Ford and this is the first time he's been at con? That just doesn't make any fucking sense. But I'll take it, I suppose. Then you have those cute moments when you just see a young kid become a life long nerd with a single question. Like this little guy asking Ryan Rynolds how it feels to be Green Lantern and saying the Oath.

So there you have it. A lot from comic con. Hopefully some expanded news on what you heard from someone else and slightly chuckled over and a lot more out of what happens in San Diego that causes us nerds to flock there like the Swallows returning to Capistrano. There's always a best/worst of comic con list but every year it's worth it for those Best.

See you next year... as well as tens of thousands of sweaty people who need a fucking shower and should know more about invading personal space!