Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Early this week it was announced that former Fox News co-president Bill fucking Shine was going to be the Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. As a former Fox employee - the television station, not the god awful news division, I can say with certainty -   FUCK!

Hey, just a reminder, but remember when this piece of shit resigned because of completely ignoring sexual harassment at Fox?

Yeah, I totally do. In fact, going as far as David Folkenflik starting at the time that a growing number of women at Fox News have alleged, some in court document no less, that he was aware of deeply inappropriate behavior against them and straight up gave no fucks. Going as so far in some situation as suppressing them. Well beyond the level of just ignoring the allegations.

Now that Bill Shine's salary is paid by us, the tax paying folk, I feel that maybe we're owed a full accounting of his role in covering up nearly two decades of sexual harassment and blackmail. You know, to even be remotely comfortable with this.

I know we won't get shit, but a boy can dream, can't he?

This just highlights the fact even more that this administration is the goddamn worst and this isn't even the worst news of the last two weeks about it. I haven't even tackled the stupid amount of shit that came out of Trump's supreme court reality tv level picks and let's not get into the other messes that I'm sure I'm not even aware of at the time of this writing.

In short, this is goddamn awful and every day we just stray further from the light while eating this shit sandwich with no power to do anything other than grin and bare it. Time to put an even more Fox News spin shine on the current administration.  Even though Bill's wife can't get out from her own way in terms of not hiding her racism with tweets like;
  • “Where are the black celebrities, sports stars, musicians, why [aren’t] they speaking out tonight against blacks targeting & murdering cops?” @darlashine posted in 2016 after five police officers were killed in Dallas.
  • “You really are a terrible President @BarackObama @POTUS allowing our police officers to be gunned down like this,” said a tweet following the same shooting.
  • “Comical to see these over paid black sports stars give Black Lives Matter speech at ESPYs,” tweeted the account in 2016.
  • “When will Al Sharpton demand [that] young black boys do the right thing?” said another tweet.
  • “Imagine the protests if 3 white teens murdered a black woman #AmandaBlackburn Only Black Lives Matter I guess,” said a tweet about the fatal 2015 shooting of Amanda Blackburn in Indianapolis.
Yup. Man, I sure love how Trump is draining the swamp and putting in the upmost respected of quality folks in the mix.

Goddamn it.

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