Thursday, July 26, 2018



God, I'm so happy this film is coming out this week. It just means that I will never have to see the shitty trailer again when I go to the movies. I have no idea what it is, but I guess since the concentrated amount of times I have been going to the flicks lately has increased, the chance of seeing the trailer for this film has just gone way up where I pray every time that it won't be in the previews.

Also, why is it that Tom Cruise is still a thing? Can we all just decide to stop supporting this douche bag actor? He's a crazy cultist who I just don't see as a lead anymore. Let's be honest with ourselves and he's starting to look really old Besides that, there's only so many times you can listen to a bad techno version of the Mission Impossible theme song.

And even if this film isn't bad or the story isn't forced, I do think we can all just get a little tired of the formula in which it's mostly them getting disavowed and then spending a bunch of time building up some ridiculous heist style mission that's over in five minutes. The worst part is that out of all the movies, the first one still had the best heist style portion. So it's just been complete trite bullshit since.

On top of that, Hunt has done nothing but prove to his government over and over and over again that he can just kick flip back and save the world with a spunky small group and not to mention that his loyalty has never wavered and yet here we are on the billionth time that they can't help but fall over themselves to brand him a traitor at every chance they can.

They also sort of dealt with him getting married to Michelle Monahgan in the weirdest way possible. Simon Pegg just sort of mentions off hand at the beginning of MI4 something along the lines of "Oh, sucks to hear things didn't work out with your wife" and then Tom Cruise kinda glares at him annoyed and we then get Jeremy Renner, the ugliest leading actor in Hollywood.

Then again, Michelle was only in the series because J.J. Abrahams just loves to turn any franchise into Alias so he could use his favorite "Oh no, my family can't find out I'm a spy" bullshit story line. Though, I forgot if she showed back up at the end of another movie. Honestly, it's all so goddamn forgettable. Yet here we are eagerly awaiting the next installment that has Tom slingshotting himshelf across the top of the Earth's atmosphere like a skipping stone until he attains full speed escape velocity and sends himself to the heart of the dying sun's core and reignites it through sheer force of will saving everyone and proving that he's not a traitor to his country like they branded him earlier in the film.

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