Wednesday, July 25, 2018



I was cruising through Netflix the other day and "Interview with the Vampire" came up as one of my recommendations, which was odd, because for some reason I had remembered seeing a film similar to this but it being called Interview with A Vampire. I didn't let this little piece of pointlessness sneak past me and rushed to the internet to the source of all answers - Wikipedia. Which did state that the book was also called Interview with THE Vampire. That doesn't even make logical sense! I tell myself. The main guy is just a vampire. Why would they give him the title THE?

Clearly this is another fuck up in the timeline and just more proof that we are living in a simulator and someone just decided to grammar check the source code and fucked up with this one. Just more proof of the Mandela effect.

And before we let it go by for too long with you wondering what the fuck was I watching on Netflix that would suddenly suggest that I watch Interview with the Vampire? I mean, I'll just be honest and I did watch Twilight. You know, the first of all my loves. Don't question my emotional needs of love that is forbidden.

Perfect that this topic came up... I mean, it's not like I don't guide my writing material in itself, but you get what I mean. The Mandela Effect, named after Nelson Mandela, who last Wednesday would have been 100 years old... wait, is he still alive? I'm just not sure anymore. When did he die and in which time line/Universe did he die younger and maybe there's one right now where he is still celebrating turning 100. We just don't know and in reality we just don't remember very well.

The Mandela effect should just be called the moron effect because the only people it really affects are folks who brains don't work all that well and just simply can't remember stuff properly. It's a situation where things don't make a whole lot of sense, for example, that Vampire movie in itself, most folks just assumed it was interview with a vampire because it's a sort of dumb title using "the" and much like most Mandela Effects, it's just stuff people automatically correct themselves in their brain.

Take for example Empire Strikes Back. "Luke, I am your father", how exactly would you deliver that like? "No, I am your father" flows a lot better and really allows for a more authoritative sounding delivery.  To quote it with "Luke" just provides context to what the line is referring to, so I imagine that we all just remember it that way to be referential to one another when we talk about it. At some point people just accepted a perception as reality.

As for Sinbad and Shazaam, well I have nothing for you there. We talked to death about that one already and there's really nothing more to say. You saw a picture of Sinbad as a Genie in the library and just assumed all black people look the same when seeing a poster for the movie with Shaq in it. You racist. deal with it. I'm surprised you aren't saying this is the Morgan Freeman Effect.

:drops mic:
:walks away:

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