Tuesday, July 17, 2018



There's this one thing that I keep on hearing whenever someone is asking for advice about San Diego Comic Con - and this applies to all conventions these days - that you should save your purchases for the last day because the mentality is that these vendors don't want to take it back home with them. So they'll blow out the prices just to get rid of this collectible trash people love buying.


Let's just get rid of this myth already. Whatever non mega booth that isn't owned by a company selling "exclusives" and is potentially a little shop hacking wares already has a store front that they could just take it back and sell it at the regular, if not higher price. So this notion that it's some yard sale situation where they desperately  want to get rid of shit is just off and wrong entirely.

Also, Sunday is just a regular goddamn day at con now. It used to be the sort of getaway day where folks were eager to leave by midday. Not anymore. It's full on business hours per usual. The thing that folks should realize about SDCC is that it's no longer the little guy. In fact, for years it has had a struggle that even big comic shops couldn't get spaces there since they were being used up by the big companies promoting shit left and right. The old basement of a hotel convention that comic con once was is a pipe dream to never happen in San Diego again.

I mean, what it turned in to was just a promotional tool for studios to tout out their new tv projects and films that had Pop culture attachment to it. The whole notion of comic con as a means for comic books is now the way of the dinosaur as well. There's no one that thinks that anymore anyway.

It's a pop culture convention with hints of E3 Lite as well as whatever movie and television show platform they would like to promote for the upcoming year. You need to embrace it for what it is now. Because if you do, then you'd at least have some fun. Tons of promotions of pointless crap out in the streets. A large amount of people dressed, some very impressively and some with as little effort as humanly possible - as characters you will recognize and many of ones you will not.

Though, in hindsight, the cosplay on Sunday is pretty light since folks have been bringing their A game to it the other days and just want to enjoy the convention for a day instead of having to be in a sweaty outfit all day getting stopped for pictures every five minutes.

The one given though for Sunday is you're not going to find any fucking deals. You're also going to be shit out of luck because a lot of the stuff you waited on buying sold out long ago. You missed your chance, you idiot. This is why you don't wait for Sunday's potential deals and I know I'll overhear at least two dozen people walking the floor try to tell their buddy this sound advice about waiting for Sunday to get those killer deals. It makes me want to slap you more than I already do for having to smell your awful body odor and crop dusting.

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