Monday, July 16, 2018

PRIME DAY!!!11111

PRIME DAY!!!1111

It's Prime day, everyone! What shitty overstocked warehouse garbage consumerism piece of shit are you buying today?? Annnnnd about an hour in to Prime Day Amazon broke. LOL. I mean, what's the point of Prime Day? It's odd and sort of insulting that there's a monthly price tag associated with Prime, and then they use this day to have those members grab up all the worst possible shit around for some small discount. But I guess I just described Capitalism. EL OH EL.

I'm not buying anything. Really. Fuck them. Amazon Spain workers are currently striking, but hell, give me some shitty product on the cheap. Who needs workers rights when you can buy crap you don't need.

Fun Fact ;  Jeff Bezos is currently the richest person in modern history. He is worth $150 Billion dollars. Eat that shit, Kylie Jenner. But by no means am I going to contribute to this nonsense in making him even richer. Especially when it's basically Jeff's Garage sale - which I have to say is the perfect example of everything wrong with Amazon Marketplace.

There was a lightning deal on Katanas - It went so damn fast.

I'm also pretty sure that I have never bought anything on Prime day before. Especially that first year. That was the most pathetic promotion I have ever seen. They had nothing I'd ever considered buying. It's basically a few weeks worth of building up hype on literal garbage you will never actually use.

Add to that, Amazon charges tax now and doesn't officially price match stuff they sell directly even if it's still in the return window. The prices aren't that much lower anymore anyway. It seems like it's time to start shopping at places with physical stores again. Crazy how this whole thing comes full circle.

Honestly, ask yourself before you check out if you actually need any of the crap you just put in your cart. I guess if nothing else, Prime Day was good for seeing cute sad dogs tell you that Amazon is broken.

Oh yeah, I know a lot of other crazy shit is going down with Russia, but as a quick addition to a previous article. Papa Johns kicked the CEO piece of shit out for saying the N word.  Now the company is having a 40% off sale today because of the racist comment. So you're paying 3/5th of the normal price.  Papa Johns literally made a three fifths compromise.   Let that sink in a little. Just let it simmer around.    

Oh Monday, what a day for Capitalism. 

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