Monday, July 30, 2018



It's moments like this that I look back at our great nation and wonder how the fuck did we get here? I mean. What was the path and where did we just make a hard left to get to where we are now and how in the fuck do we even make our way back to the normality. I speak of course on the fact that this is now our Political news controversy

Bigfoot Porn and the Republican Candidate who had to deny that he's into it after being called out by his Democratic rival
A Democratic candidate in a hotly contested U.S. House race in Virginia has accused her opponent of supporting white supremacists — oh, and also of liking Bigfoot porn.
You know, I like to think that I have my finger on the pulse of all things going on in the social media world, but I can honestly say that I have never heard about Bigfoot Porn. But let's back up for a second. I have to ask again, how is it that in 2018, that statement doesn't end with the disqualification of this candidate where the sentence "Support white supremacists". The fact that it's now normal to have crazy nazi level views and that's still not enough to get you tossed out of the competition is still so strange to me.

What happened America?

Let's move on. Okay, so you just accused your opponent of what? Having a thing with Erotic Bigfoot porn? I have no idea what the fuck that is. Let's go to the reel to figure out what the hell Bigfoot porn actually is.

Well, that's a new turn for political back and forth. I mean, is it a low blow to bring up your rivals' erotic fan fiction in your race for capital hill? I mean, no other dirt can come close to that right?  Wrong. It gets better. So so much better.

At this point, I'm going to say that if your best friends know you have some weird as fuck thing with bigfoot to the point that they photoshop your head in such a crude way to a crudely draw bigfoot with bigdong sketch, I think you just need to realize you talk about your goddamn fetish too damn much.

For example, at this point all my friends clearly know that I have a type - redheads. In fact, they tell me that. I felt bad that they know that much about my sexual perversions. And yet I have not gone to the level of what this dude's friends this. Such... oddness.

Then again, I'm not really sure where Bigfoot Erotica falls in terms of Republican Christian standards. I mean, it is still one of God's creations, right? Does it not deserve love as well? And let's face it, wanking it to Bigfoot Erotica seems low on the scale of awful shit Republicans do. At least he's not diddling littlefoots, if you catch what I'm saying.

I shouldn't have to do this, but yet again I have to point out, Riggleman was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist. That should have been all to bury this guy. I don't see how we still need to pile on top of that the dude's strange fetish, as odd and funny as it may be, because again, HIM SUPPORTING A WHITE SUPREMACIST SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END OF HIM!

If not that, at least can we admit that Denver Riggleman just sounds like an odd name. I think if I had that name, and mine isn't all that much more friendly for the vocalization, I wouldn't be running to public life. I don't need to see my name on yard signs if I'm that name.  Then again, Leslie Cockburn isn't something that should be plastered everywhere. Trust me, you don't want to see a giant Cockburn billboard on your commute driving home. 

So yeah. Get out to vote or you may be represented by someone who loves some weird ass shit on the internet... I know Rule 43 and all, but this is just one for the books. Just a little more of 2018 being full on 2018

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