Tuesday, July 31, 2018


There's another Mamma Mia movie out there in the world. The trailer looked insufferable. I'm sure it'll make a billion dollars... Oh, what's that? Am I getting to cranky already in this article.. what is that you say, The Onion? Gonna lay some truth on me in my bubble...... Oh here we go again.

I fully admit that over the weekend I took the two hours to just indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching Mamma Mia on Netflix. Why? I have no idea. I mean, I really don't. Maybe I just don't want to admit to it, but I enjoyed it. Yes, it was mostly to escape the harsh problems in life with the wonderful styling of the music of ABBA.

I mean, it was good campy fun in spite of Streep and Bronsan's singing. I did also find the fact that all these 60 year old actors are singing about being foolish kids, but the reality and I guess I should have checked my mind at the door on this one, is that when 20 year old Sophie was born, they would all be hovering around the 40 year old mark, and I can tell you as a 38 year old, I'm not currently singing about all the young foolishness I'm up to. 

Look, the singing was pretty cringe. I mean, very fucking cringe.  So I'll get in to real talk - I think that while Streep is Hollywood royalty, Lily James is great and if Baby Driver taught us anything, it's that the camera loves her. The film is indeed what the Onion says, something to just get away from it and enjoy. Stop trying to make everything so art house. This was what it was. empty calories when you just want to stuff yourself with that pint of ice cream. Because let's face it, if you open a pint of ice cream, that fucker had no chance of ever surviving the night and getting back in to the fridge. No way. No how. You were going to end it and end it bad.

So yeah, that Onion fake review hit a little close to home. I should be less cranky.

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