Monday, July 2, 2018

Aint That America

Aint That America

This week saw yet another mass shooting incident in the U.S. and this time it wasn't in a school, it was actually a journalist shooter. - Okay, let me just make that a little clearer because I don't want you to think it's a journalist who shoots people and actually is a person that shot at journalist.

Seems only fitting that we are at the start of the month we celebrate our nation's birthday with loud explosions to discuss the freedom of gun rights here. Yet this is not that article. In fact, I'm really tired of talking about gun control because it seems like I'm just yelling at a wall with all the logic and common sense when I do that.

No, this is basically a piece... a short one at that because come on, do we celebrate the 4th weekend this weekend or next week? Fucking middle of the week America Birthday. Get your shit together, nation.

No, This article is just about the shooter. This mother fucker.

When I first saw that picture of this Journalist shooter (Yes, we've been over this already. Get with the program, Chad!) I just had to tell myself "Of course this guy is a mass shooter"

I mean, it also looks like the lead guitarist for Dinosaur Jr. or a Nicholas Cage that really let himself go for another very strange role that you'll toss a coin on if it's actually good or not. But yeah, I think fat Nick Cage's Youtube channel doesn't suck compared to Nasim Aghdam's channel. This guy looks like the poster boy of your average Anime Expo patron who walks around with a draw 'sexy girl' pillow.

I know I could totally write endlessly about the influences that caused him to go into the Capital Gazette and add another fucking mass shooting to the already crowded list for this year, I won't. Because it's pretty clear that it won't matter because this dude was just mentally unstable all on his own.

In fact, a woman came out and claimed that this human piece of garbage had not only stalked, harassed and sued her actually warned the police about him. But hey, maybe it wasn't very cautionary that a guy, who gets turned down by a girl states "You're going to need restraining order now" when getting rejected. or classy things like  "You can't make me stop. I know all these things about you." "I'm going to tell everyone about your life."

Incidents went on to include him getting her fired from her job because, like I mentioned earlier, he was a piece of shit human being that like a rattle snake or a cat with a bell around its neck, just need something to warn those around that trouble is coming.

In short, I didn't really jump into anything serious, because again, who the fuck is doing anything remotely productive for the next weird ass week long 4th of July holiday. I fully expect the streets to be clear all week with as little amount of traffic as possible. You are not doing your civic duty of skirting responsibility if you are being productive this week.

I ultimately just wanted to point out that this guy was a piece of shit. I feel better now. 

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