Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disney Gets Derezzed

Disney Gets Derezzed

Greetings Program. You are in User Mainframe California Adventure

Boot sector Hollywood Backlot. Load Tron_Legacy_simulation

If you're going to visit Disney any time in the future, make sure you skip the silly fireworks and walk on past the world of color, because you got yourself a date with Disney's version of a rave!

Yes, that's right. A rave. Disney's California Adventure is bringing back Glow. Which was an adult thing they did years past where they would have DJ's spinning like crazy and drinks a flowing on Disney property. Only this time they're tying it in with the release of Tron Legacy.

First the whole festivities happen at the sun sculpture where you see a count down as the sun goes into the west..

Then you're treated to what has to be the cheesiest use of computer and tron fan pandering in the method of a show of dancers that would make you think that this franchise has something to do with High School Musical.

After getting through that you probably need a drink. No worries there, the ElecTRONica nights has you covered there.

Compared to most clubs and night life places, the prices aren't too bad. You even get a strange glowing glass to trip balls to while you drink.

But all through the event you have TRON stuff like Flynn's arcade. Home of Tron, obviously.

Where you can have fun while playing old school arcade games. Other festivities include DJ's spinning all night and the fact that you are hearing Daft Punk at a Disney theme park is pretty freaking cool, if I say so.

Then you have the muppet theater showing a good 8-9 minute long extended trailer and scenes from the movie in a truly 3D atmosphere. Over all, this is an awesome way to spend your time at California Adventure. It's a lot better than world of color or fire works.

And there you have it. a very digital blog post for this 10-10-10.. Which if you didn't know, is 42 in Binary. So hey, you folks who are hitchhikers fans - DON'T PANIC!

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